Julie Spira’s Top Ten Dating Application’s List Includes Skout

Creating a top ten list of dating applications may not be easy, but Julie Spira has done it. Julie put together a list that has 10 of the best dating applications, and the list can be seen on the TCPALM website. Skout is a dating application that made the list, among others.

In the past, if a person wanted to find a date that was international, they may have had to have a lot of money. It’s possible that the person with half to pay a lot of long-distance phone costs as well as traveling cost to go and see the person that may have met in an international destination. Now, because of websites like Skout, many can choose to date internationally without the worry of high communication costs. A person could easily spend hundreds if not thousands of dollars each month trying to communicate with someone overseas, but Skout has put an end to that.

Those who use the Skout network to communicate with someone who is in an international destination can easily save a lot of money talking to the person through the network. Skout has the ability to allow a person to communicate via the application or through the website. The person will chat with an instant messaging service, which allows them to respond instantly to the person writing to them as well as getting an instant response themselves. Using Skout is the most inexpensive way to communicate with people who may not be financially able to communicate any other way with others who are overseas.

Not only is it wonderful that Skout can offer a platform for two people in international destinations to speak, but it’s also a great place for people who live anywhere in the world to talk to others, even if they live locally. Skout can save a person money on calling costs, text messaging costs and multimedia message costs. Those that save a tremendous amount of money by using Skout as a communication method can easily take the extra money and put it towards a future trip to an international destination to meet the person they are talking to on the Skout network.

The best thing about Skout is the fact that the services are free, and only a few services will cost money, but those are the only ones that a person feels they need. Anyone who feels the need to use services on the Skout network that costs money can use their Skout points to pay for it. A person can choose to buys many Skout points as they want, and the Skout points will stay in a person’s account until it’s utilized. Skout is truly an excellent social media and dating network.

An App Stepping Toward the Future: Rover

Forbes magazine recently published an article about new app reinventing itself. The app previously known as Flipora is rebranding itself to be Rover. Flipora was an app the let the user ‘flip’ through magazine pages. This concept is now however outdated in a sense. Rover, similar to its predecessor, is labeled as the “ultimate companion” for uncovering content on the web that is personalized to your own interests. Comparing the app to the NASA’s Mars Rover, the Rover brand and app discovers internet content and delivers them to the user. But the content is based on the users personalized attributes and their own personal interests. There is also a comparison between the Rover app and NASA’s Curiosity in the Forbes article since both explore new territory and new interests. The Rover app is portrayed as an enlightening app that is personalized for the user’s specifications while also allows the user to explore new content that may interest them. The founding company put a lot of thought into the name change of the brand and app. Moving from Flipora to Rover was a step toward the future of the technology. The app moves into the direction of artificial intelligence as the article suggests, instead ‘flipping through the pages of a magazine’. Along with the change in the name, the interface of the app has been update for a more user-friendly minimalist interface. The users have greater control on how to use the app and share what interests them. This app improvement and the move toward the Rover name is a step toward the future.

Skout Is One Big Community

Online dating use to have a negative connotation attached to it. I can recall several times when I told friends that it was something that I was trying out. They would laugh at me and they would make fun of me. I knew they were viewing it as somewhat of a pathetic way to meet people. I’m pleased that online dating has grown in popularity and it’s no longer considered a taboo subject. In fact, online dating now seems to be the norm.

The vast majority of my friends are either dating someone that they met online or they have in the past. It seems that it’s become so natural now. In this day and age, we are all so busy. We lead busy lifestyles with jobs and commitments that take up the vast majority of our time. At the end of the day, there is very little time left over for dating. That’s where online dating comes into play. It can be done as little or as often as someone would like. The best part is that we can online date while doing other things. It doesn’t have to be something time consuming.

Online dating apps like Skout have recently sky-rocketed in popularity. Skout has seen immense growth since first launching. It is now becoming a household name. It’s easy to see why that is. Skout offers so many different users from so many different locations. No longer does online dating have to be confined to one geographical location. Skout is pushing the limits and allowing users to connect with others all over the world. Skout also has found ways to make online dating more personal. It gives users the option to add specific interests to their profile instead of just a general about me. Skout also has a section where users can post updates about things going on in their life like instagram. Skout truly makes it seem like it’s one big community.

Skout is a great option no matter what a person is looking for. It’s a great app for those looking for friendship. It’s a great app for those looking for love. It’s also great for those who just want to have a little fun and shoot the breeze with others. Skout doesn’t discriminate. Younger adults and older adults are using it. Skout is proof that anyone can find friendship or love no matter what their age is. The users are all brought together and it’s up to them to find who they want to connect with. Skout never compromises safety. Overall, it’s the first time that I have truly felt safe and comfortable using an online dating app. I never had to worry about who was on the other end.