New Study Reveals The “Perfect” American Road-Trip

A data expert believes he’s come up with the absolute best route for people interested in traveling the USA without putting too much wear and tear on their car. Anyone who follows this route will get to see a major monument or state park in each of the 48 contiguous states on a journey that spans 13,389 miles.

Randy Olson, a data scientist at the company Life Epigenetics, was the mastermind behind this list. The three rules Olson kept in mind as he was devising this route included the following: the road-trip had to include all 48 contiguous states, there must be one stop at a monument/park of “national historic” status, and the trip must not go outside of the USA. To make up for the loss of Hawaii and Alaska, Dr. Olson included an extra landmark in California and one monument in Washington, DC.

Once Dr. Olson selected his 50 landmarks, he had to input the data into Google Maps API and search for the shortest ride out of a possible 3 x 10 to the 64th power of routes. Dr. Olson used genetic algorithms to come up with his ideal route of 13,389 miles, which lasts a total nine days.

In addition to this “ideal” road-trip, Dr. Olson also devised a route for people who only want to visit major cities across the USA. In total, this route will add 12,290 miles to your odometer.

For people just interested in taking a shorter drive through specific regions of the USA or major tourist states like Florida, Dr. Olson compiled a few smaller road-trip ideas on his website. To find out more information on these suggested routes, anyone can visit Dr. Olson’s blog at