ACI Releases New List Of World’s Busiest Airports

A new report put together by the Airports Council International (ACI) reveals that Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport is the world’s busiest airport. According to ACI’s data, at least 104 million passengers passed through Atlanta International’s gates in 2017.

Although Atlanta may seem like a strange location for the world’s busiest airport, ACI members say it’s not so surprising when you consider this major hub is only a two-hour flight from approximately 80 percent of Americans.

Second place shouldn’t come as a surprise: Beijing Capital International Airport. The most populous nation on earth has to have at least one of the busiest airports, right? China’s busiest airport welcomed 96 million passengers last year.

Coming in third in ACI’s study is the Dubai International Airport in the United Arab Emirates. An estimated 88 million passengers went through this bustling airport in 2017.

The Tokyo International Airport in Japan won fourth place in this year’s ACI survey. Sometimes called Haneda Airport, Tokyo International was only 3 million below Dubai International Airport in terms of passenger count.

For fifth place, we return to the USA…but this time we’re headed to the West coast. Los Angeles International welcomed about 84 million passengers last year.

From number six to number ten, here are the remaining airports on ACI’s busiest list: Chicago O’Hare Airport, London’s Heathrow International, Hong Kong International, Shanghai Pudong International Airport, and Paris’s Charles de Gaulle Airport. All of these airports welcomed at least 69 million passengers in 2017.