Travel + Leisure Announces Nominees For Readers’ Choice World Destination 2017

The editors at Travel + Leisure are excited to announce their nominees for the 2017 Readers’ Choice Destination of the Year. Now readers from around the world can cast their vote for the destination they believe deserves this year’s top prize.

In total, Travel + Leisure narrowed down their list to 23 countries and cities. The list includes a great mix of obvious tourist hotspots and “off the beaten path” locales that are just starting to get more attention.

First on the list is the island nation of Bermuda. Editors note that Bermuda has been working hard this year to attract new tourists by hosting dozens of major events such as the America’s Cup. The country has also put a ton of money into travel infrastructure, especially revitalizing the famous Hamilton Princess hotel.

Next on the list is the great state of California. Although much of this western state was devastated by wildfires this summer, Travel + Leisure editors say that California’s famous Napa and Sonoma wineries are intact and booming with business. Nature lovers are also extremely happy that California opened up Highway 1 into Big Sur this year.

Third on Travel + Leisure’s list is the Asian nation of Cambodia. Amazingly, Cambodia’s tourism traffic rose by 12 percent in just the first quarter of this year. The most popular tourist attractions, of course, are the ancient temples such as Angkor Wat. However, more people are also taking advantage of Cambodia’s great beaches and luxury hotels in the capital of Phnom Penh.

The rest of the destinations on this list in alphabetical order include Canada, Cape Town, the Caribbean, Chile, the country of Georgia, Greece, Iceland, South Korea, Mexico City, Minneapolis, Montana, Namibia, New Orleans, Norway, Peru, Portugal, Santa Fe, Sicily, Slovenia, and Vietnam. Travel + Leisure will announce the destination with the most votes on November 15th.