Foodie Travels Around The World In Quest Of The Best Restaurant

In only one year, BofI Holding’s chairman of the board Paul Grinberg visited 99 of the 100 restaurants on the official 2017 list of the “100 Best Restaurants in the World.” Yeah, it’s pretty safe to say Mr. Grinberg is one of the business world’s most intense foodies.

Thanks to Grinberg’s job, he has to travel pretty much year round (and it also doesn’t hurt that he has plenty of disposable income to throw towards fine-dining experiences). In addition to testing out restaurants on the official list, Grinberg has visited hundreds of other Michelin-starred eateries over the past decade.

So, with all this experience eating around the world, what are some of Grinberg’s top picks for hungry tourists? One Grinberg’s all-time favorites Peruvian restaurant Maido at 399 Calle San Martin Street in Lima. Grinberg says he adores how the chefs at Maido are able to seamlessly blend the traditional flavors of Peru with Japanese cuisine. A few other honorable mentions on Grinberg’s list include Ultraviolet by Paul Pairet in Shanghai, Le Calandre in Rubano, and Alinea in Chicago.

Grinberg said he was inspired to start his fine-dining trek around the world just 12 years ago when he visited the highly-reviewed Le Bernardin at 155 W 51st Street in Manhattan. The experience at this restaurant was so exquisite that Grinberg decided to dedicate a large portion of his finances to eating at the world’s best restaurants.

In interviews with the press, Grinberg revealed a few of the odd things he had to do to ensure he visited as many of this year’s best-reviewed restaurants as possible. Some of interesting things Grinberg had to do include traveling 12 hours by plane for one meal, eating two dinners in one evening, and gulping down sushi rolls for dinner every day for one whole week.

Speaking of sushi, the only restaurant on the 100 best list Grinberg hasn’t visited is Sushi Saito in Tokyo’s Minato district. Even though Grinberg called dozens of times before his visit to Japan, he still wasn’t able to get into this exclusive restaurant.