Susan McGalla Is Paving the Way for Women Everywhere

Despite the many advances in culture throughout the United States, there are still some circles that think that women are simply not as capable as men when it comes to succeeding in the business world. Of course, this could not be further from the truth. Women have proven for decades that they are equally as capable of succeeding in virtually any field as their male counterparts and this includes finding success in business. With that being said, the business world is dominated by men. This can sometimes make it rather difficult for women to gain a strong foothold when it comes to breaking through the upper echelons of business. Fortunately, there are some unique individuals like Susan McGalla that have managed to do exactly that. This it is an individual that has paved the way for women throughout the business world and she continues to do that while simultaneously helping other business owners understand what is required to experience the ultimate level of success.

Susan McGalla of knew that she wanted to conquer the business world at an early age. She attended Mount Union College, got her degree and she never looked back. Her first job was in marketing and before long, she was essentially running the company. From the late eighties until the mid 1990s, this is where she stayed. Eventually, she decided it was time to spread her wings and see what it would be like to work at one of the most influential companies in America, American Eagle Outfitters. She started working there in 1994, working as a buyer for women’s clothing. During her time at the company, she essentially spearheaded the development of two additional clothing lines and then became the company’s president before she left in 2009. Her entire life, she had dreamed of starting a business of her own where she could work as an executive consultant and she realized that dream in 2009 when she started P3 Executive Consulting.

Since founding her company, she has worked with the likes of the Pittsburgh Steelers as well as a number of other influential organizations. She consults with them on a regular basis on everything from business practices to advertising, with a single goal in mind. She wants to help others find the same levels of success that she herself has found and she works diligently to ensure that they do. She serves on a number of boards, including the same college that she attended years ago. In short, everything that McGalla does is done for the express purpose of furthering her own success or helping others find a similar level of success even when they are facing some extraordinary challenges.

Susan McGalla believes that everyone should have the same opportunities across the board. That is one of the reasons that she makes every effort to level the playing field in the business world. She accomplishes much of this through her own consulting firm and does the rest by proving that it can be done as she leads by example. As a result, she will undoubtedly continue to shape the business world and be an important role model for women that want to achieve similar goals.

A Professional Investment Advisor: Kyle Bass

The person who advises you about your money and monetary future should be honest, straightforward and above all concerned about you as a person and how they can help you prosper. When you decide on a financial advisor it means you trust the ability, knowledge, and skills of your advisor. Most important, you must feel that you and your financial investment advisor fit well together. Once you interview your prospective investor it’s important to find out what designations and credentials they hold in this field. Are they certified to handle your money? A great investor will constantly keep in touch with you and keep you abreast of new products in the financial world. Above all a financial advisor listens to your beliefs, goals and dreams about your future.

Kyle Bass is a well-known investment advisor who builds strong relationships with his clients. He is the organizer and founder of Hayman Capital a Hedge fund company. Bass born, September 7, 1969 in Miami, Florida moved to Dallas, Texas with his parents. He received his BA in Finance and Real Estate Finance in 1992 from Christian University in Fort Worth, Texas. He enjoys living on a serene, ranch outside of Dallas.

After college Bass worked briefly at Prudential in the securities department. Next, Bass worked for Bear Stearns gaining experience as a Senior Manager before he turned 30 years old. Bass soon began his career with Legg Mason also in Dallas.

Bass, started his own company Hayman Capital Management L.P. in 2005 after Legg Mason sold a part of the business. He happened to work in the department sold. In 2006 Bass added the hedge fund department to his new company. Additionally, Bass predicted and acted on the real estate subprime problem brewing in this country. He not only averted the downfall, but he and his clients benefitted from the mortgage crisis. Other managers and investors took notice of Kyle Bass’ grasp and insight into the financial world.

Bass’ ingenuity and passion are hard to ignore when people understand how he began his first hedge fund. He raised $43 million from friends, family and his personal savings. This energetic young man read, researched, reviewed and predicted the downward spiral of the mortgage market in 2006 and 2007. He realized which unstable mortgages would fold. His confidence, and knowledge of the subprime mortgage programs helped his reputation. Hayman Capital is still growing rapidly.

Bass is featured in Bloomberg TV after his fortune began to grow and other speculators realized his skill in predicting the mortgage market. He is credited for risking every penny he gathered to recommend how to gain millions during the subprime mortgage growth period.

Kyle Bass is a professional investment advisor who enjoys helping people make money. He is an experienced, skilled investment manager an investor can trust.

Foreign Law Graduates

The Brazilian legal system is unique. It has elements of the Portuguese, Italian, and German legal system. Its first law schools were not established until 1827 and the Brazilian Bar Association was not founded until 1930. The Brazilian legal system is often described as being a hybrid. It is said to follow in the civil law tradition. It’s based on statutes drawn from the Federal constitution which must be followed by judges on every level of the legal system. A constitutional amendment is necessary to make any changes.

The Brazilian Bar Association was created by the Brazilian Lawyers Institute. It took 100 years to develop. In order to take the bar exam, students must complete law school. This requires 5 years of educational and vocational training at a public or private law school which is accredited and authorized by the OAB Federal Council’s National Commission of Legal Education. The Federal Ministry of Education supervises and regulates it. Students must complete compulsory courses from the Basic Education Axis, the Professional Education Axis, and the Practical Education Axis.
In Brazil you must have a Bachelor of Laws degree to become a lawyer. Unlike in other legal systems, you cannot be a graduate of a non-law subject then take a conversion course. Prospective lawyers must earn their law degree then pass the two part bar exam. The first part covers compulsory questions and the second part deals with the area of law in which the candidate wishes to specialize. Once candidates pass the bar exam, they can practice in any area of law they desire whether it’s appearing in court, drafting legal documents, being in-house counsel, or giving legal advice.

Law graduates have the option to become public defenders, prosecuting attorneys, government attorneys, or judges. However, to remain in good standing they must observe the set of disciplinary and ethical rules designated by the Code of Ethics and Discipline outlined by the OAB. Foreign law graduates must follow the requalification process to practice law in Brazil. This includes validating their foreign diplomas and passing the Brazilian bar exam. The validation process may require taking specific courses and/or passing certain exams to receive a Bachelor of Laws degree from a Brazilian university. The process can take up to six months. Portuguese lawyers are exempt from this process.

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho is an experienced, well-respected Brazilian lawyer and legal strategist. He has appeared in court to successfully defend the government, politicians, both multinational and local businesses, and many well-known public personalities. He has pioneered many legal strategies and mechanism that have since become commonly used legal tools, mentored numerous young lawyers, and devised innovative legal strategies to address special problems that have arisen in cases handled by his law firm Leite, Tosto, e Barros Advogados.

Mr. Tosto specializes in civil, commercial, administrative, and election law, business restructuring, reorganization, power concessions, acquisition review, credit recovery, bankruptcy, banking contracts, and more. He is a published author and member of many highly-respected Brazilian legal organizations.

Skout Is One Big Community

Online dating use to have a negative connotation attached to it. I can recall several times when I told friends that it was something that I was trying out. They would laugh at me and they would make fun of me. I knew they were viewing it as somewhat of a pathetic way to meet people. I’m pleased that online dating has grown in popularity and it’s no longer considered a taboo subject. In fact, online dating now seems to be the norm.

The vast majority of my friends are either dating someone that they met online or they have in the past. It seems that it’s become so natural now. In this day and age, we are all so busy. We lead busy lifestyles with jobs and commitments that take up the vast majority of our time. At the end of the day, there is very little time left over for dating. That’s where online dating comes into play. It can be done as little or as often as someone would like. The best part is that we can online date while doing other things. It doesn’t have to be something time consuming.

Online dating apps like Skout have recently sky-rocketed in popularity. Skout has seen immense growth since first launching. It is now becoming a household name. It’s easy to see why that is. Skout offers so many different users from so many different locations. No longer does online dating have to be confined to one geographical location. Skout is pushing the limits and allowing users to connect with others all over the world. Skout also has found ways to make online dating more personal. It gives users the option to add specific interests to their profile instead of just a general about me. Skout also has a section where users can post updates about things going on in their life like instagram. Skout truly makes it seem like it’s one big community.

Skout is a great option no matter what a person is looking for. It’s a great app for those looking for friendship. It’s a great app for those looking for love. It’s also great for those who just want to have a little fun and shoot the breeze with others. Skout doesn’t discriminate. Younger adults and older adults are using it. Skout is proof that anyone can find friendship or love no matter what their age is. The users are all brought together and it’s up to them to find who they want to connect with. Skout never compromises safety. Overall, it’s the first time that I have truly felt safe and comfortable using an online dating app. I never had to worry about who was on the other end.

Doe Deere Under Attack By Cosmetics Purists

Recent news articles in the fashion industry have talked about negative attacks on Doe Deere and her Lime Crime makeup brand. The Lime Crime brand is taking on the cosmetics establishment with beautiful products, and the Lime Crime name flies in the fashion of the understated elegance of the most established brands in the world. Detractors have accused Doe of faking her products, selling garish makeup and being too far outside the norm to be successful. Doe believes that her success is the best revenge, and she often talks about the empowerment she felt from her own mentor.

#1: She Was Mentored

Doe realizes that she could not have made it to the top of the cosmetics industry with the help of mentors and her husband. Her life’s plan was guided by people who gave her wise counsel, and she used that counsel to create a brand that is turning heads around the world. Doe works today to mentor young women who want to start their own businesses, and she believes female empowerment will make the world a better place. Women are too often oppressed around the world, and Doe hopes to show young girls that the world is their oyster.

#2: Battling Bad Press Head-On

Doe is teaching girls that they cannot shy away from the world. A small contingent of people are quite negative about her brand, but Doe does not allow a bit of negativity to get her down. Her consistent message to women and girls is one of persistence. She started a band with her husband many years ago, and they have been persistent in their support of each other. She started an eBay store that grew into a large company with the help of her persistence, and her persistence will get her through even the most negative of personal attacks.

#3: Using The Internet In New Ways

People told Doe that she could not sell lipstick to women online, and she was told that women wanted to purchase lipstick they could try on. Doe knew that she could present lipstick in an interesting way to women all over the world, and her brand is now presenting other makeup products that women can buy sight unseen. The idea of trying makeup does not appeal to Doe, and she allows women to experiment with bright colors found on her website.

The beauty of Doe Deere’s American success story is her decision to take a small idea and grow it over the years. An eBay store that was founded in 2004 is now a company with many employees, suppliers and vendors. Doe produces new products every day with her chemists, and she is taking meetings with her staff to help grow her vision for the cosmetics world. The cosmetics establishments and naysayers may not like her brand, but the millions of dollars in sales Doe sees every year are more than enough proof that she is doing things the right way. Doe Deere is not backing down, and girls should take a lesson in persistence.

Global Leader Eucatex Is Pioneer In Sustainability

In 1951, the owners of a small sawmill in São Paulo, Brazil became the first company to envision a use for the thousands of acres of eucalyptus native to that area. They began to use eucalyptus as the raw material for making ceiling tiles and panels, and Eucatex was born. Before their first decade in business had passed they had expanded into several Brazilian capitals as well as Argentina.

It was not long after that before they expanded into Europe, the USA and Mexico. By the 1960’s, however, as they began to expand both their product lines and their markets, they also began to understand the finite nature of even the most abundant of natural resources. To that end, they began purchasing land in the 70’s which they began to reforest to ensure continued access to what was rapidly becoming an invaluable resource. To this day, Eucatex participates on forestry partnership and leasing to continue to maintain Brazil’s abundant eucalyptus forests.

In 1996, a young 34 year-old by the name of Flavio Maluf was asked by his uncle, who was was the President of Eucatex at the time, to take on an Executive position. Flavio had been with the company for nearly a decade, and less than two years later, by agreement of both the family and the board, he was asked to take over as president of the company. He agreed.

Since then, Eucatex has experienced phenomenal growth and emerged as an industry leader in many arenas. All four of Eucatex’s factories remain in Brazil, where Maluf has instituted an almost unheard of number of policies and practices geared towards corporate transparency and preservation and conservation of Brazil’s natural resources. Eucatex has partnered with many of their suppliers to devise innovative ways of reusing and recycling everything from shipping pallets to paint buckets. They have come up with innovative ways of using wood residue to generate energy and instituted an ethics channel to encourage employees to anonymously report ethics violations or any practices that violate Eucatex’s ethical principles.

As an active philanthropist and generous donor, Mr. Maluf has receive numerous awards and recognitions, but his most tireless work is in the area of Environmental Protection and Responsibility. For 15 years now, Eucatex has operated the House of Nature, which has received more than 22,000 visitors since its inception. At the House of Nature, both students and educators learn about Brazil’s natural ecosystem and how the local flora and fauna works together to sustain it. Students are also taught to protect and care for the resources that will sustain them and hopefully many generations to come.