Take a Dip at Some of the Most Breathtaking Swimming Pools in the World

It is no secret that swimming is one of the best part-time activities to a good number of people. Though most of us usually take a dive in a normal pool, did you know that you can take a dip in a pool surrounded by limestone cliffs, a turquoise, surrounding rainforests and an underlying waterfall? If this sounds interesting to you, then you should make an effort and visit the following breathtaking swimming pools.
Giola Lagoon
Located in Thassos Greece, the Giola Lagoon is set right in the middle of a quiet village. Within the lagoon is the Giola swimming pool which is carved in between terraced rocks. A dip into the shimmering water that overlooks the sea will make you forget the troubles of trekking the lagoon.
Cenote Ik Kil
A cenote is a Mexican name that stands for natural swimming holes. The Cenote Ik Kil is located near the archaeological ruins of Chichen Itza. The pool is 85 feet deep and surrounded by hanging vines, lush trees, and rainforests.
Fossil Creek
Fossil Creek is located in Strawberry Arizona about 100 km from Phoenix. Inside the Fossil Creek is an oasis of crystal blue swimming hole that is surrounded by waterfalls which supply the pool with water.
Devils Pool
As the name suggests, you must be a daredevil even to get close to this pool. Located in Zambia Africa, the Devils Pool sits above the Victoria Falls, one of the largest and biggest waterfalls in the world.
Jellyfish Lake
Have you ever fancied swimming with jellyfish? If yes, then you should make a date and visit the Eil Malk Island located in Palau. The saltwater lake brags as being one of the seven underwater wonders of the world. When provoked, Jellyfish can sting an intruder. However, for reasons unknown, the jellyfish found in this lake don’t sting swimmers.

A Look At Some Of The Most Visually Appealing Coastlines In The World

Lots of people travel abroad to that exotic, tropical beach to enjoy the warm water and sunny weather. However, many people avoid traveling to those off the map and sometimes not so off the map locations that are truly unique geologically and culturally. Here is a short description of some of the world’s most appealing coastlines that you can visit on your next trip abroad. You can witness spectacular man made wonders and geologic features that will leave you awed.

For a truly one of a kind and otherwordly experience visit the coastline of the Chilean city of Antofagasta. This coastline has unique natural formations and has flora and fauna from the mountains, sea and desert. Imagine three geologic features and climates converging on one coast and you have this one of a kind, spectacular coastline. The city of Antofagasta itself juts out from a mountain. The highlight of this area is called La Portada, a natural stone arc formation that protrudes from the sea.

The island of Corfu, Greece is more well known but has spectacular views and attractions. You will find a blend of British, Italian, Greek and French architecture that stands over clear blue Mediterranean waters. Evergreen mountains lined with unique and colorful homes that overlook the sea are a wonderful sight. After you enjoy the view, you can always take a swim or rest in a sheltered cove.

Australia has an oceanic rock formation known as the 12 apostles. They are found along the shipwreck trail of Australia so yachting there is not recommended. However, you can find incredible limestone cliffs that overlook the ocean. The 12 apostles refer to the groups of rock formations that seemingly warn ships to be careful when approaching the land. The more bold can scuba dive and explore ship wrecks as well as enter underwater caverns.

How to travel without burning a whole in your wallet

Summer is upon us, and the weather is perfect for traveling the world. It is time to get out of the house and explore places that have never been seen before. But wait, how can I travel the world if I do not have a six-figure salary?

You do not need a six-figure job to travel. There will always be vacation spots around the world that can be visited on a budget with proper planning. Here are some tips for traveling stress-free:

1) Take a day trip to a nearby park

When you take a small day trip you don’t have to worry about the extra hotel costs, meals, and gas tank fill-ups. Wake up early in the morning and drive to your destination. Then you can return home at night. Have all of your bags and snacks packed the night before so that you can make the most out of your travel day.

2) Travel with a larger group and split costs

Splitting the costs of expensive trips can end up saving each person in the group hundreds of dollars. If you are sharing a hotel or house with a group of family members or friends you can easily divide up the cost to rent the place. Take turns paying for meals. Whoever is not driving the vehicle has to pitch in a few extra dollars for gas.

3) Explore nature around you

Nature parks make for a great day trip. Most parks are free to get into and provide areas to swim, fish, hike, and sleep. It is easy to do a quick Google search for nearby recreation parks.

4) Look for online discounts

There are plenty of websites Groupon and LivingSocial offer deals and discounts for travelers. You can save money on cruises, amusement parks, and hotels.


The travel booking industry is infiltrated with top-notch and not-so-desirable applications. They are all competing for space in the highly lucrative travel and hospitality industries. Travel website Trip Advisor has been at it for some time and brags as the “world’s largest travel site.”
In fact, this could just be true if the 390 million average unique monthly visitors and over 500 million reviews for hotels, restaurants and other travel destinations are anything to go by.
TripAdvisor has opted to stand apart as competition stiffens, eating into revenues generated. The website’s new look gives users a more personalized look, with an advanced app for use on iOS and Android devices. This move is clearly on target considering that almost half of its traffic came from mobile devices in 2016, which accounted for a 29 percent increase.
Other notable refinements include a new desktop home page which has a simple design layout and quick visibility.A filter that indicates “Best Value” also pops up.The filter is based on data collected by TripAdvisor in reference to prices, popularity, ratings, and personal preferences. User reviews and distance, as well as cost, are some matrices that can help you filter through to get the best value.
Eateries and restaurants have been categorized into “Cheap Eats,” “Fine Dining,” “Mid-Range” and several other filter categories.This makes it easy to choose a preferred joint quickly and if you like it, you can still book your space without leaving the website. This has been enabled through integration of website with Open Table, a restaurant booking service.
One of the most interesting developments on the website is the mini-guide a visitor is given once they choose their preferred city.As you indulge in this, you can navigate through filterable results for vacation rentals, restaurants and things to do.
This development is likely to awaken competitor aggressiveness and it will be interesting to watch further developments unfold in the near future.


Richard ‘Rick’ Smith is the chief executive officer at the Securus Technologies -a Dallas Texas state based company.He is an internationally known accomplished investor.


Rick Smith has got a bachelor degree in engineering from the state university of New York at Buffalo. He got a Masters degree in engineering from the State’s University of New York. Rick Smith also went to the Rochester Institute of technology where he acquired an MBA and associate’s degree from the very institution.

Career history

Rick Smith has served in various positions in different companies before arriving at the office he currently occupies at the Securus Technologies. Between the years 1972 and October 1998, he worked at global crossing North America where he held different positions.He then left for Eschelon technologies in October 1998 where he served as the chief financial officer until April 2000. In that very month of April, Rick Smith became the president of the company and served in that position until August of 2003. Mr. Rick guided Eschelon to a successful IPO in 2005.He acted as the head of Eschelon telecom for close to nine years. During this time, under his guidance, the revenue of Eschelon increased from $30 million to $350 million. This achievement stems from his recommendable leadership skills.In June 23rd, 2008, Rick Smith became the boss and CEO of the Securus Technologies.

Securus technologies :

Securus Technologies has its headquarters based in the Texas state in the United States of America. The firm provides various services which are geared towards enhancing the lives of over one million inmates as well as the various agencies tasked with ensuring the welfare of inmates is looked after. Their main competitor is the global telecommunication link.Securus Technologies came to be in 1986.

Roles and achievements

Rick Smith worked in the finance operations, information technology, and other business areas, giving him the required knowledge to run Securus.Smith has worked to develop patents, new technologies and made acquisitions for the company. His excellent leadership skills have seen the business grow and create innovations regularly.He has got plans for the company to ensure it provides the community with security against crime. Proposals for new products at Securus flow periodically with the single aim of assisting law enforcement and correction agencies.This regular flow has enabled secure technologies to win over the hearts of many as it has registered so many clients.Rick Smith has got unparalleled expertise and has served in so many administrative positions including business development, accounting, IT, operations and management.At Securus, Smith oversees the daily operations at the company. He supervises all the activities of the company. As the chief executive officer also, he is responsible for developing and executing expansion plans at the business as well as promoting teamwork.Smith has also helped Securus Technologies enter into commercial partnerships with other primary service providers in the correction market.


On Tuesday, President Trump administration imposed new sanctions on Iran for its violation of the 2015 nuclear deal. The sanctions were imposed despite the disputed re certification of Iran’s compliance with the 2015 nuclear treaty.The Treasury, state and justice departments revealed that 18 Iran affiliated individuals and entities are deeply involved in the development of missiles, software theft, and illegal procurement of weapons. In the announcement, Iran was criticized for incarcerating foreigners, including American citizens.

Surprisingly, the announcement was shortly preceded by President Trump’s grudging acknowledgment that Iran was in full compliance with the nuclear treaty. It is a requirement under the American law that the president makes such declarations after every three months. The president’s adherence to that law has proved to be problematic, a fact that is not surprising considering that Mr. Trump has in the past opposed the nuclear agreement.

In fact, he openly declared that he would tear up the treaty during his 2016 presidential campaign. However, major players in the agreement such as China, Britain, France, Russia, and Germany do not share Trump’s opinion on the matter. Therefore, if the president orchestrated a plan to withdraw the US from the nuclear agreement, it would leave the country isolated on the issue.

What has drawn the attention of many was the fact that the sanctions imposed on Iran were applied to not-Iranian organizations that were said to be aiding Iran’s ballistic missile development program. For instance, a Turkish supplier of marine equipment and a Chinese procurement agent were named on the list for providing material and other forms of support to an Iran-based military electronics organization.

The fact that International Atomic Energy Agency has on several occasions found Iran to be in compliance with the nuclear agreement casts significant doubts on Mr.Trump’s assertions. Indeed, it seems like the trump administration has hatched a new strategy to challenge Iran.

How Budget Airlines are Fuelling Global Tourism

One of the greatest challenges to global travel is the affordability of the air ticket. Many travelers find it difficult to realize their dream of visiting the holiday destination of their dreams because of the relatively expensive air tickets charged by airlines across the world. However, the recent flooding of ancient cities in Europe by tourists drawn from all over the world is a growing indication of a growing trend in the tourism sector fuelled by several factors including cheaper means of transport offered by budget airlines. Budget airlines offer low-cost air tickets in a move that has seen more people afford the once expensive traveling cost to these tourist destinations.

The role played by budget airlines in global travel is bound to increase significantly over the coming years with more airlines announcing the launch of low-cost airlines. More promising is the news that airlines such as British Airways and WOW-owned Icelandic Air have launched the low-cost airlines for even long-haul air travel. The new trend marks a significant change in air travel policy, which is has for many years been a reserve for those travelers who are relatively financially affluent and could afford the high cost of long-haul air travel.

While the current developments are being viewed in economic terms with the flooding of European cities by tourists a case in point, low-cost air travel including for long-haul travels has far reaching potential benefits. While the economies of these tourists destination are in line to thrive, the resulting social and cultural exchanges cannot be overlooked. It will open new frontiers of world travel including hinterlands with pristine and inviting environments but could not be reached by foreign travelers due to socio-economic reasons. The business world is also bound to benefit greatly with local and international corporations find new and affordable means to reach new economies and potential markets.

Secrets to Successful Weight Loss


In the past weight loss programs promoted working out a sweat or exercising until you feel the burn. However, most people will not stay with any exercise or diet program that promotes working out, until you pass out. Quick weight loss diets or military style workouts simply don’t work for the average individual. A more acceptable life long plan is the key to really take off the weight and getting healthy. Health experts state that there are 7 weight loss tips that everyone trying to lose weight should follow.


Clean Your System

Think of your system like the engine of a car. You’ve got to clean out the system to keep it running smoothly. Certainly, the body needs to be free of toxins that build up in the body in order to stay healthy. Toxins build up in the body and prevent absorbing important nutrients, leading to inflammation. Inflammation might lead to gaining weight. The key to good health and weight loss is keeping the system toxin free. Reduce packaged, processed food. Add more vegetables and fruit to the diet along with more home cooked meals.


Stay Hydrated

The fact is that a lot of people assume that the pangs in their stomach are associated with hunger. Consequently, they fill their stomach up with food. Surprisingly, they might be associating dehydration or thirst for hunger. Instead, make sure that you get adequate amounts of water each day. The next time you feel hungry, try drinking a glass of water instead. The water will fill your belly, and reduce snacking.


Reduce Snacking

Some people follow the 5 meals a day plan. The 5 meal plan a day was developed for diabetics to control their insulin. The Nutrisystem cost level D plan is a healthier plan for those with type 2 diabetes and is a low calorie plan that helps one lose weight and stabilize insulin. The Nutrisystem plan provides just the right amount of nutritious foods along with prescribed healthy snacks that do not interfere with losing weight.


Balanced Meals

Quick weight loss diets that concentrate on one food are hazardous to your health. For example, diets suggesting that you only eat one type of fruit, only drink smoothies, or eat salads. It’s important to mix up your diet with adequate amounts of carbohydrates, protein, fiber, and fat. The fact is that the Nutrisystem plan promotes weight loss in a very healthy and balanced way. It actually takes the stress out of dieting and weight loss.


Gluten Free

Gluten is a protein found in the body. Foods like wheat, barley, and rye contain this protein that some people find very hard to digest. This is especially true for some older individuals. Removing the gluten out of the diet might speed weight loss for some older individuals that have a sensitivity to this protein.



People going on a diet assume that the more fruit that they eat, the better. Think again. Of course, the fiber is healthy and cleans out the system. However, fruits contain sugar. This is especially true for fruits that are very ripe. Eating too much fruit might cause you to gain weight, instead of losing weight. Still, it is important to eat adequate amounts of fruit daily, just don’t go overboard.



Intermittent fasting for weight loss is a popular way to speed up weight loss. It is thought that intermittent fasting boost the metabolism, which causes the body to burn up fat reserves. Still, it is important to take in fluids during the fast. It is suggested to drink herbal teas, regular teas, coffee, or water. In addition, it is important to avoid sugary foods after breaking the fast. This includes fruits that tend to increase the insulin level in the body. Instead, break the fast with a high fiber or protein meals.


If you would like to lose weight in a safe and healthy way, follow the tips included here or follow the Nutrisystem diet plan that incorporate plenty of these strategies into their meals.

Successful Brazilian Rally Champion and Leader, Rodrigo Terpins

Rodrigo Terpins is a remarkable rally driver from Brazil. His younger brother, Michael Terpins, is also a high-achieving and successful rally driver. Aged 44, Rodrigo Terpins has completed some amazing rallies in his career. Rodrigo’s love for the sport began at a young age and was greatly influenced by Jack Terpins, his father, who played basketball. Presently, Rodrigo races for a rally team known as the Tea Bull Sertoes. His brother Michael also races for the same team. The two brothers have been in car racing for many seasons. In the last couple of seasons, they have taken part in races on board a car model known as the T-Rex. This model is uniquely developed by a renowned organization known as the MEM Motorsport. Besides being a rally driver, Rodrigo Terpins is the director for a Brazilian business known as T5 Participacoes. Previously, Rodrigo worked at Lojas Marisa, where he held the Director of Operations position. Visit comunique-se for more details.

Rally teams are comprised of drivers and co-drivers. Co-drivers help main drivers to navigate rough terrains and are almost equally skilled. Fabricio is Rodrigo’s co-driver, and the duo has participated in many rally events. At a past competition, they experienced a malfunctioning incident forcing them to swerve off the road. Just like most other rally drivers, Rodrigo Terpins is always prepared for such occurrences. For team members to win in motorsports, they need to have diverse skill sets. They also need to practice tirelessly to perfect their skills. This is exactly what Rodrigo Terpins does every day something that has enabled him to successfully continue taking part in this unique sport.

Usually, race cars are specially created to cruise rough terrains, and skilled rally drivers need to navigate courses on dirt roads without slowing down. What makes motorsports exciting is the skills and endurance exhibited by rally drivers on rough terrains. For one to be successful in any career, they need to have diverse interests and Rodrigo is no different. He is passionate about other courses such as science and technology, culture, arts, and children. His ability to balance between team needs and personal goals has helped him become a better leader. His supportive family gives him the zeal and energy to keep on racing and doing the things he loves. Check out his Facebook page to know more.

Rick Smith Enhances Security In The Corrections Industry

Rick Smith is a visionary leader whose contributions to the corrections facilities cannot be underestimated. His unmatched leadership as the president and CEO of Securus Technologies, a prison technology company, has helped the company to maintain its leadership position in the industry. Under his leadership, Securus Technologies has developed innovative products and services using technologies that seek to keep both the public and the corrections agencies safe. The company offers incident management, public information, information management, investigation, verification and monitoring services to their clients. The Dallas, Texas-based company operates in Carrollton, Allen, Atlanta, and Georgia. They serve more than 1.2 million inmates and over 3,400 public safety, corrections agencies and law enforcement facilities. Securus’ solid presence in the market is a testament to Rick Smith’s commitment and expertise in the field. He joined Securus Technologies in 2008 as the chairman of the company.

Prior to working for Securus Technologies, Rick Smith worked for Eschelon Telecom, Inc. where he served in different positions, including being the chief financial officer, chief operating officer and president. Later, Smith was appointed the CEO owing to his accomplishments with the company. He had earlier spent two decades of his career at Frontier Corp where he rose through the ranks to serve as the president. He also rendered his services as the controller, chief information officer, and VP for financial management. In addition, Smith has worked for Midwest Telephone Operations as the vice president. Notably, Rick has a sound educational background. He holds an MBA and a Master’s degree in mathematics from the University of Rochester and the State University of New York at Brockport. He also holds an associate degree in electrical engineering from Rochester Institute of Technology and a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from the State University of New York, Buffalo.

Over the years, Smith has focused on helping inmates to connect with their loved ones while facilitating investigations and monitoring by correctional facilities. They provide communication devices that allow inmates to make calls, engage in video visitation, and email their loved ones. This way, they are able to connect with the outside world and adjust easily once they get released. The company’s efforts of preventing and solving crime have brought relief to correctional facilities. As part of their continued commitment to safety, Securus Technologies releases weekly service and product development proposals to facilitate the progressive prevention of crimes by law enforcement. To this end, the company receives numerous positive emails from clients who heap praises to their outstanding services. Commenting on the emails, Rick Smith said that Securus Technologies is driven by the desire to enhance safety since their main goal is to protect and serve the community. The overwhelming customer appreciation is a testament to their unique and effective customer service.