Ted Bauman’s Tips On Where To Store Your Liquid Assets

When natural disasters hit it can be completely devastating. Not only do people lose all their personal possession, but their financial assets. Do you know how to protect your assets in case a disaster hits your home? This can include fire or flooding. Financial expert Ted Bauman knows a few things about this subject and wants to help. He has spent his life helping those less fortunate via non-profit organizations. Now, with his newsletter The Bauman Letter, Ted helps protect people’s assets from all kinds of situations.

Ted Bauman does not recommend storing your liquid assets at home, and even worse all in one spot. This puts people at risk to lose everything. They can be robbed, water and fire can also destroy their home and precious assets. If you are dead set on having them there, then keep them safe. Ted recommends getting a lock box or home safe to protect them. Make sure the safe can protect your assets from fire and water, so you don’t end up losing them. Ted Bauman recommends this to be a last ditch option though. Putting your assets in a safe financial institution is your best bet. The next step up is at a safe-deposit box at a bank. It’s not perfect, but is better than storing them at home. You can even put them in a foreign safe-deposit box which has better security measures. The best place to store your liquid assets are in an independent vault in the United States or internationally. There are many bonuses to this method. They are not regulated by governments, so your assets cannot be confiscated.

Independent vaults also have another extra layer of security keeping your assets even safer. Ted Bauman is a big advocate about people keeping their assets safe form the government and greedy corporations. This is what he specializes in when it comes to his newsletter. Ted Bauman earned his BS in business administration from The State University of New York. He continued on to get his Master’s degree in finance from Georgia State University. He currently resides in Atlanta, Georgia. Here’s How the Bull Market Dies

Talos Energy Continues Momentum Despite Slumping Industry

Talos Energy is an independent gas and oil production company that is based out of Houston, TX. The company was established in 2012 by a trio of investors: Steve Heitzman, John Marker, and Timothy Duncan. When opening the company, their goal was to create an independent gas and oil energy company that could transcend borders while finding opportunities in both foreign and domestic markets. Their focus from the beginning was to make Talos Energy a prominent player on the Gulf Coast and inside of the Gulf of Mexico. After more than six years in the industry, Talos Energy is showing that they are resilient while continuing to grow in an otherwise slow industry. Recently, Talos Energy was awarded a prominent industry honor.

Just last year, Talos Energy was granted the ‘Discovery Of The Year’ award for 2017 during the WoodMac Award Ceremony. The award came to Talos Energy thanks to their work in the Gulf of Mexico where they not only managed to break barriers but also discover a hugely profitable well known as the Zama-1. Talos Energy became one of the first American companies to have access to Mexico’s oil and gas industry after Mexico had spent decades making that industry completely nationalized. The Zama-1 oil well is expected to become a hugely profitable source for Talos Energy and the other investors with production slated to be near 2 BILLION barrels of oil when all is said and done. Talos Energy holds 35% stock in the well, along with their partners Sierra Oil and Gas & Premier Oil.

While Talos Energy has been dominating headlines for their work on the Zama-1 discovery, they’ve also been busy in other areas of business. Late last year, Talos went on to acquire Stone Energy Corp, an under-the-radar move that opened up a vast portion of the Gulf of Mexico to the Houston, TX upstart. The acquisition would give Talos Energy an additional two areas in the Gulf of Mexico with a deepwater location in the United States and a shallow-water location in the Mexican Gulf. Tim Duncan states that the acquisition will give the company the resources that they need in order to continue exploring new opportunities.

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GreenSky Continues to Grow and Raise Capital

One of the biggest challenges that people have had over the past 10 years has been getting access to loans when they need them the most. While traditional banks used to be more than willing to provide consumer loans for a variety of personal purposes, the last recession changed the way that banks do business a lot. Since there was a clear need for a lender to provide these loans, one company has stepped up and continued to be a leading provider of consumer loans.

One of the leading providers of consumer loans today is GreenSky . The company, which was founded more than 10 years ago, provides a wide range of consumer loans that are used for many different purposes. When GreenSky  provides a loan, a consumer can use it to consolidate debt, make home repairs and renovations, or for any other purpose that they see fit. When GreenSky  provides a loan, they are also partnering with a traditional bank that will take on the majority of the risk. GreenSky  is then compensated for originating the loan and for servicing it going forward. The company has had more than 1.9 million loans funded since it was founded, which total more than $13 billion in original principal.

Now that the company has been able to establish itself in the field, the company is continuing to find ways to raise capital. Over the past few years, the company’s CEO and founder David Zalik has taken the company through several rounds of venture capital funding. This has provided the company with millions of dollars in capital to fuel the growth.

While the private venture capital method has worked well for GreenSky  in the past, the company now has plans that could allow it to raise capital faster than ever before. The CEO of the company is now considering issuing an IPO and taking the company public. By doing this, they will be able to raise a considerable amount of money. Once they do this, GreenSky  will be able to invest more in its business and find new areas for growth.


Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum’s Busy Day

Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum is a rock star in the world of joint reconstruction. He is currently the chairman of Orthopedics at Bronxcare Health System in New York City. He has devoted his entire life to reconstructive joint surgeries to repair the shoulders, knees and hips.


The good doctor ran his own practice between the years of 2000 and 2008. He was a busy man performing more than 500 surgeries per year. He became the Chief of Adult Reconstructive Surgery at Kaiser Permanente where he fell in love with blog editing, message board monitoring and writing for expert panels online.


Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum is careful to plan his day out efficiently. He rises early each morning to check his social media feeds and emails to stay up on the latest trends. He meets with his top administrators before the workday starts in order to give structure to his day.


The busy doctor is always innovating new ways to make patient’s lives easier and pain-free. He puts vigor in bringing his ideas to life by surrounding himself with people who help make it happen. Will be keeping an eye on this innovative doctor as new trends inspire him to innovate new groundbreaking treatments.

Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum


Nick Vertucci’s Four Point Plan System

One of the interesting things about being an entrepreneur is that everyone needs a system. One of the reasons a system is important is that this enables people to achieve more. Nick Vertucci has a system in place for himself as an entrepreneur. He is also very orderly about how he handles things. This is one of the major factors to his success. He also recommends this system to others because it can increase productivity as well as motivation. His four-point plan for success is see it, believe it, map it, and execute it. This plan is what helped Nick Vertucci get to where he is today.

People have struggles with different points in this four point system. One area that Nick Vertucci talks about when it comes to the system is the belief portion of it. He points out that a lot of people struggle with believing it. One of the reasons they struggle with it is that they have plenty of fears. They have the fear of failure, humiliation, change among many of the other fears. Therefore, it is important for people to get past these fears so that they can actually move forward.

Another area that people could struggle with is the execution part. This is where people have to put in the work that is necessary. People have a lot of hang ups when it comes to actually doing the work. Nick Vertucci himself had to face fears moving forward. However, he has pushed through and made a name for himself. One thing that he has learned is that it takes a lot of time to move forward with something. However, the one who is patient is going to be able to succeed. Nick Vertucci was both patient and diligent when it came to his business plans.

There Is Magic In Your Food: Ask Dherbs

When speaking about health, Dherbs.com has helped people internationally, outside of the many positive reviews in their native Los Angeles. With that said, the natural therapeutic business focuses on the recovery of individuals in all sorts of situations. Particularly, there are chronic ailments that reverse the body’s natural state. Ironically, rheumatoid arthritis affects the joints. Due to the lack of herbs and vitamins, a person will begin to deteriorate.



To assist a person back to a homeostatic state, Dherbs is supporting those who want to see changes happen in their lives. In detail, joint replacements happen throughout the world. Typically, these types of surgeries happen on a daily basis. By implementing the suggestions from Dherbs.com, consumers are impressed with their results. In actuality, all consumers change their diets while taking on a Dherbs’ regimen to ensure a better outcome.


In turn, physicians team up with Dherbs to create guidelines for each consumer. Overall, a speedy recovery after surgery is the primary goals. Through the holistic approaches, surgeries can sometimes be avoided. Through Dherbs.com, a consumer can purchase herbal juices, teas, tablets, capsules and cleanses. Along with receiving natural treatments, consumers are taught that toxins can acquire no matter where you live. Because of being exposed to harmful substances, consumers are told to keep up with detoxes to continue the homeostatic state of mind and body.



Based in Los Angeles, Dherbs incorporates old remedies to help the body heal. In many instances, the combination of treatments reflects biblical passages. Identically, consumers choose to read modern books that detail accounts of others going through the same process. Altogether, it becomes group therapy through social media webpages, such as Facebook, Instagram, and Skype. To wrap it up, Dherbs encourages people to take care of themselves. Hence, it promotes a longer life, and it helps a person make better decisions along the way.

Chris Burch: Business Owner and Investor

Starting a company is a dream for many people. Over the past few years, more people than ever before have started working for themselves. There are multiple advantages to owning a company. Not only does it give people an opportunity to make more money, but it also allows people to have more control over their time.

Chris Burch started his first company several decades ago. Since that time, he has worked tirelessly to start and manage successful businesses. Anyone who wants to learn about managing a business should work with him.


Real Estate

Chris is also a successful real estate investor. He enjoys looking at homes to purchase. When the real estate market crashed, he bought multiple homes as a way to generate income. When he first started investing, he made several mistakes that cost him money.

Chris tells other people to consider real estate investing as well. He uses the profits from his business to purchase homes in his area. Although he thinks the real estate market is overvalued in some areas, he still thinks investing is a solid idea.


Business Tips

Learning from a successful business owner is one of the best ways for people to have more success in managing their company. Chris enjoys talking with other people about operating a business, check (Chronicleweek.com). He tells people to start as small as possible at first. When starting a business, many things can change quickly. Instead of taking on a ton of debt, new business owners should reduce expenses as much as possible.

In the coming months, Chris plans to expand his company. He has new products and services to offer customers, learn more on businessinsider.com.

Nick Vertucci Fascinating Story of His Success in Real Estate Business

Nick Vertucci is a prominent real estate investor. He is the man behind the establishment of NV Real Estate. He originated from a humble background and his life followed the general grass to grace trend. He came from a humble family which had many issues and heavily struggled to make ends meet. Things got worse after the demise of his father at his 18th birthday. This occurred after he launched a private business that majored in the sales of computer accessories. Things got even worse when this business instantly ended and his capital liquidated during the 2000 dot-com crash. This was in the climax of the dot-com bubble. This affected the Nicks financial status as he was left in massive debts that almost caused him to lose his home. Later on, he ventured in real estate business and fortunately, it peaked and restored his financial status. He became life again and managed to tackle his financial problems. It was after his success in real estate business that he established a real estate academy that he called by his name, Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy, NVREA.

Nick Vertucci has attended many interviews since he does not mind sharing about his career and success. In explanation of where he got his idea about real estate business, he stated that in 2004, he became enrolled for a real estate training in the Real Estate training industry. This was after the 2000 dot-com crash that ended his first business. He was invited for a three day Real Estate Class. The crash left him under massive debts. He then started investing in real estate by acquiring real estate investment term, one door at a time. This led to the incredible success that upgraded his financial status from broke to a financially stable financial state. He established a turnkey system that specialized in the investment into single-family rental properties. He started by purchasing old and worn out foreclosures after which he renovated them and leased them out for rent at a higher price.

The OSI Group Continues to Expand Under the Leadership of David McDonald

The OSI Group is a global leader in the production and distribution of some of the highest quality meats available on today’s market. The company got its humble beginnings as a family meat shop that was local in Chicago, Illinois. The company grew slowly, but surely until it came to be one of the largest meat distributors in the world. The company now has a presence throughout most every continent and continues to see rapid expansion each year. The company has a sterling reputation for its longstanding commitment to providing the best customer service in the industry today.

The OSI Group also has a strong reputation for having the highest possible standards of quality inspection. The company is incredibly thorough in its inspection process and does inspections on a daily basis to ensure that its reputation is intact. David McDonald is the President and Chief Executive Officer of the OSI Group, LLC. In addition he is also a recognized member of the company’s board of directors where he is involved in all major company decisions. He first joined OSI Group immediately after graduating college from the University of Iowa where he gained his degree with honors in Animal Science. He initially started off in the capacity of project manager.

During his time as a project manager with the OSI Group, David McDonald focused almost primarily on the Asian and South American markets. He is still heavily involved in those markets today, although his role has expanded greatly throughout the years as his role in the company has grown. David McDonald also holds several other major positions within the meat industry. He is known as a dedicated leader that has a strong focus on ensuring customer service is consistently a priority. He has implemented many new strategies to ensure customer service is a consistent focus for his entire team. He has also mentored many other people within the OSI Group that have since rose to leadership positions within the company. The OSI Group continues to grow and see success under David McDonald and the sky is truly the limit for the company.

A Quick Look At OSI Industries Success in the 21st Century

We are living in some of the most modern of times and advanced technologies are running society. Just about every field of work has some form of innovation within its structure. When it comes to the foodservice industry, OSI Industries is in a class by itself. This extraordinary food processor has a long history of success, and it has a remarkable resume that reflects its success. Maywood and Oak Park, Illinois, was where the company had its initial headquarters, but the company’s headquarters is now in located in Aurora, Illinois. Test kitchens, general offices, pilot plants and culinary-innovation centers is OSI is composed of, and these facilities are state-of-the-art.

As the demand for certain foods has increased, food providers have had to find a way for them to keep up with the demands of society. High-capacity production lines are heaven-sent as these wonderful devices has helped OSI Industries in processing more foods. Toledo, Spain, is where one of the company’s plants is located, and this plant has incorporated a $17 million production line. The company was able to double its processing power thanks to this fine piece of equipment. An extra 22,600 square-feet was added to the facility during this time, which has awarded OSI with social areas for employees, a shipping/receiving area and a service area. In totality, OSI is now processing up to 45,000 tons of meats at this location. On the other hand, OSI Industries offer a plethora of treats such as desserts, sauces, steak, chicken nuggets, Tofu, flatbread, tomatoes, onions, pulled pork, poultry products, chili, pizza and many other food items.

The future of the foodservice industry is actually taking place now. OSI Industries has done its part to better mankind, and it will continue on its progressive quest in the years to come.

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