Nick Vertucci Fascinating Story of His Success in Real Estate Business

Nick Vertucci is a prominent real estate investor. He is the man behind the establishment of NV Real Estate. He originated from a humble background and his life followed the general grass to grace trend. He came from a humble family which had many issues and heavily struggled to make ends meet. Things got worse after the demise of his father at his 18th birthday. This occurred after he launched a private business that majored in the sales of computer accessories. Things got even worse when this business instantly ended and his capital liquidated during the 2000 dot-com crash. This was in the climax of the dot-com bubble. This affected the Nicks financial status as he was left in massive debts that almost caused him to lose his home. Later on, he ventured in real estate business and fortunately, it peaked and restored his financial status. He became life again and managed to tackle his financial problems. It was after his success in real estate business that he established a real estate academy that he called by his name, Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy, NVREA.

Nick Vertucci has attended many interviews since he does not mind sharing about his career and success. In explanation of where he got his idea about real estate business, he stated that in 2004, he became enrolled for a real estate training in the Real Estate training industry. This was after the 2000 dot-com crash that ended his first business. He was invited for a three day Real Estate Class. The crash left him under massive debts. He then started investing in real estate by acquiring real estate investment term, one door at a time. This led to the incredible success that upgraded his financial status from broke to a financially stable financial state. He established a turnkey system that specialized in the investment into single-family rental properties. He started by purchasing old and worn out foreclosures after which he renovated them and leased them out for rent at a higher price.