Barbara Stokes and GSH of Alabama are Prepared to Handle Disaster Relief

After Hurricane Harvey, the government issued a Request for Proposal (RFP) to construct and deliver FEMA manufactured homes to those in need by March, 2018. The company that won the contract was Green Structure Homes (GSH) of Alabama, which is located in Huntsville, Alabama. The company was founded by Barbara and Scott Stokes in 2008 as a disaster relief contractor that offers service to private and public clients. Follow Barbara Stokes on

GSH of Alabama used innovative engineering, manufacturing, and design to produce FEMA homes to the areas in the region that were devastated by Hurricane Harvey. The company is prepared to help those in need during natural disasters that may happen in the future, and it is a Disaster Relief Construction Contractor on the FEMA Register.

The company has worked with several government agencies, which include the Department of Defense (DoD), U.S. Missile Defense Agency, Department of State, and the Department of Homeland Security.


GSH of Alabama is fully prepared to serve various industries that include water supply and irrigation systems, water and sewer line and related structures construction, highway, street, and bridge construction.

Mrs. Barbara Stokes is a role model among women in the workforce with her strong leadership, interpersonal communication skills, and her extensive knowledge of manufacturing. Before she founded GSH of Alabama, Mrs. Stokes was employed by Boeing and the Pisces Corporation.

The management team at GSH of Alabama houses a talented team of professionals with more than 30 years of experience in the manufacturing housing industry, and they incorporate the most effective practices to house displaced Americans. Read more about Barbara Stokes at The Cullman Times.

Shervin Pishevar Takes on a Variety of Financial Topics in Tweet Storm

If anyone was wondering what Shervin Pishevar thought about the economy of the United States, their questions have now all been answered. The entrepreneur and Uber investor recently spent 21 hours expressing his views through a series of tweets about a myriad of topics concerning the U.S. economy.

Shervin Pishevar used his Twitter account to unload his opinions regarding bitcoin, the future of the Silicon Valley, and the effects of technology on the markets. In a series of more than 50 tweets, the venture capitalist predicted a massive slowdown of the economy. The sudden explosion of thoughts was the first time Shervin Pishevar has spoken publicly since he stepped down from Sherpa Capital in December 2017 after multiple allegations of sexual misconduct surfaced.

Among the most notable opinions expressed in the tweet storm, Shervin Pishevar used the platform to predict a drop of 6,000 points in the stock market over the next few months. Part of the reason for this dire prediction lies in his belief that volatility in the bond market will cause ripples through the rest of the financial sector. Shervin Pishevar blamed the uncertainty coming out of Washington as a result of the White House stance on trade sanctions as a major reason for the predicted market collapse. In his analysis, Pishevar expressed his opinion that the U.S. will continue to lose business to China because of the escalating decay of the U.S. infrastructure.

Shervin Pishevar also took on the emerging bitcoin technology, pointing out that he believes the industry will continue to crash before it begins to recover and stabilize over the next few years. The future of the Silicon Valley also received great attention from Pishevar when he stated that the area is merely an idea, rather than a stronghold of tech innovation. Pishevar believes that the decline of American-based startups is contributing to the negative impact of too few large companies holding the majority of the power.

Stream Energy gives back to the community through Streams Cares

It is evident that Hurricane Harvey is the most devastating disaster that has been experienced in the country. The storm left noticeable destruction of property and source of revenue where many people were left homeless. Nevertheless, Stream Energy launched the initiative to give back to the society by assisting the affected people to recover from the misfortune and take off their financial encumbrance. Stream Energy is a prominent company that specializes in the selling of energy. This initiative has played a vital role in solving the issue of homelessness that was occasioned by the Hurricane Harvey.

The organization points out that they feel assisting and giving back to the society where they run their business activities in, is important to the growth of their business. Stream Energy said that under the current brand identity of their charity, Stream Cares, they believed that they will get an assist thousands of people who were hit by the hurricane. The decision to name their philanthropy was a decorum to a procedure that they have been participating in the last 12 years. The help provided by the stream energy is a remarkable example of how firms should use their charity to give back some of their revenues to the individuals who need them in the community.

The concept of having a philanthropy body as a separate entity from the entire company is extremely new in this country. For this reason, Stream Energy has broken the new ground in corporate social responsibility both in Dallas and the whole nation. The company has partnered with strategic investors who assist to spearhead local and grassroots donations. For example, the company has collaborated with the Red Cross and Habitat for Humanity in a bid to drive their CSI.

Additionally, the company uses a simple business model. In most cases, they make direct energy sales and this allows the firm to establish a great network of corporate and loyal customers. They also have the capabilities to provide residential and corporate services. The company provides essential products such as diapers and other items for kids who are left homeless. Stream Energy partners also like to meet and interact with the individuals they work with, which brands them the company with a caring heart in Dallas.

Dr. Mark McKenna Has Drawn On All Of His Aesthetic Medical Experience To Create OVME

Dr. Mark McKenna is a man with many different passions, and as an entrepreneur, he has been able to pursue quite a few of them. OVME, the retail aesthetics company that he founded, works to connect patients who are looking for quality healthcare professionals. This has allowed McKenna to draw on his entrepreneurial skills as well as his experience in medicine, and it is finding interested customers and success. OVME uses some of the latest technology to offer interested patients remote consultations, and these consultations then allow the patient to decide if they would like to pay for any of the services that can help them.

While Dr. Mark McKenna has announced that patients still will need to visit an OVME office, he is working to change that. This is being done through an app that will give patients the power to schedule appointments with the best healthcare professionals right in their office or home. Obviously, this is very convenient and also offers a level of privacy and comfort that no one else does. As a client-driven practice, this is exactly what Dr. Mark McKenna wants for OVME, and he is planning on using more innovations in the future to provide patients even more.

Earlier in Dr. Mark McKenna’s life, he had studied to be a doctor at the Tulane University Medical School in New Orleans. Instead of pursuing medicine in the beginning of his career, he went into real estate. He made plenty of money in New Orleans, but that was before Hurricane Katrina struck. After the tragedy, a lot of his real estate business was devastated, but he stayed around and helped to rebuild the city by working on low income housing for people. After he had done a lot for the people of New Orleans, he decided to move to Atlanta, Georgia and get back into the medical field. After Dr. Mark McKenna created and sold his successful company, ShapeMed, he decided to move on and create OVME. Today, he draws on all of his experience to create the best modern, aesthetic medical company in the United States.

The Undeniable Contribution of David Zalik to the Success of GreenSky Credit

Shortly after GreenSky Credit introduced the online platform for their partners and customers to use, they have decided to take their services a notch higher by declaring their initial public offer. The company is currently preparing to go public, a move that has been eagerly awaited by both the public and other organizations to see how it will impact on their growth. So far, the company has been in operation for slightly over a decade, and the kind of growth that it has recorded is unprecedented. With its initial capital then being $50 million, over the past decade, GreenSky Credit has grown drastically, with its value worth more than $3.5 billion during the previous valuation at the end of last year.

The online medium that GreenSky Credit launched in the recent past has also turned out to be the long-awaited dawn in the financial sector. This is because it has allowed the borrowers to interact with the lenders with no physical movements involved. The borrowers have also been relieved from the rigorous and annoying background checks to which they were subject before. All that is required of them is to fill the loan application details that are then reviewed by the lending companies. After the lenders approve the borrower to receive the stipulated amount of funds, GreenSky Credit is automatically authorized to fund the borrower’s account with the amount required.

In this way, the customer benefits greatly from the platform for the efficiency it offers and also the speed at which the loans are processed and approved. The platform has proved to be beneficial to the financial lenders too. This is because the small creditors may be having a larger customer base than they can sustain. The presence of GreenSky Credit offers the creditors a flexible lending capacity whereby they can lend as much as the customers require and to as many customers as they may have.

Zalik David, the founder and the CEO of GreenSky Credit has greatly contributed to the tremendous accomplishment of the organization. Through his loyal and zealous employees, Zalik has been able to lead the organization to the great heights that it stands today.

GoBuySide’s Location Based Strategy

Over the decades, methods of recruiting have changed. For instance, during the 1990’s, many financial firms would call recruitment firms for potential candidates. This was not cost effective as many of these potential candidates do not have the sufficient skill set for the firm they’re applying to. As time went on with the invention of online job recruiting, it became more competitive to hire potential candidates, and to screen them to see their skill set talent. This is why GoBuySide, uses a technical approach to learn new job trends in the financial market. For example, one such job trend that GoBuySide has learned, and evolved to adapt to, is the increase of professionals working from home. This is shown as statistics have increased over twenty four percent since two thousand fifteen, making it harder for firms to screen employees, and of need of technical analysis to access the skill set of potential candidates. Learn more about GoBuyside’s founder at


Furthermore, GoBuySide uses their New York City location to analyze which professionals exceed their talents, and will be the right candidate to move into a more larger firm in need of talent. This has led GoBuySide to hire professionals who go beyond their talent, and grow other firms expertise, thus making the firm more competitive in the financial market. GoBuySide’s strategy also helps company grow during short term hiring seasons lowering recruitment costs, and debt. Follow GoBuyside on Facebook.

GoBuySide is a lead recruitment platform founded by Arjun K in New York City, that uses state of art modern technology too heavily screen potential candidates for Fortune 500 clients, investment firms, private equity firms, and venture capital firms. GoBuySide recruitment platform is used by recruiters who are experts in their financial field and know if a potential candidate has the right skill set for the job. Arjun K, the founder of GoBuySide in two thousand eleven, is heavily qualified and skilled in his field of expertise. This is shown as Arjun is a graduate of Standford University School of Business, with a masters degree in business administration. Arjun K. Also holds a bachelors degree in economics and finance from Hopkins University.


Michael Burwell Brings His Financial Expertise To Willis Towers Watson

Michael Burwell joins Willis Towers Watson as its new Chief Financial Officer. Willis Towers Watson is a leading global consulting and advisory firm that provides a wide range of financial services to organizations small and large.

Michael Burwell is a successful financial professional who received an undergraduate degree from the University of Michigan and is a trained CPA. He has worked for over 30 years in the financial services industry in various high level and critical roles before joining Willis Towers Watson.

He brings his experience from PwC along with his experience serving in various leadership roles for the last decade such as Head of Global Transformation, Chief Financial Officer, Chief Operating Officer and Head of Transaction Services in the United States. He has 11 years of auditing experience and 12 years of Transactions Services advisory experience.

Michael Burwell received his Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration from Michigan State University. The Chief Executive Officer of Willis Towers Watson, John Haley, stated that the company was excited to have Mike joining the company at such a crucial stage of its transformation and development. He went on to state that Mike understands leading, managing and driving results in a complex and global company and he puts his focus on the clients. Haley went on to state that he was confident in Mike’s expertise in finance, transformation, and transactions and that he is well suited to guide the long-term growth of the company.

In an interview with Michael Burwell, the question was posed to him what is a piece of advice that he gives out most often, and his answer was “networking and developing relationships.”

He went on to state the importance of these two factors in any business field. He states that solid communication in any relationship is vital whether in business or personal, and it is often the key to success. He also stated that it is important to really listen to what is being said to you so that you can provide the person with relevant and actionable advice for a problem they have or a goal they want to reach. View Related Info Here.

Michael Burwell will be taking over the role of Chief Financial Officer with Willis Towers Watson and will replace Roger Millay who will be retiring.


More about Burwell in his interview on

Organo Gold Gourmet Cafe Supreme

Drinking coffee is one of the oldest methods for gaining energy, whether when you first wake up in the morning or during your day at work. The energy benefits of coffee are generally energy and liver health, but Organo Gold has been adding herbs and other beneficial ingredients to their coffees and teas for over a decade, making the usual morning brew a little healthier for all of us. The Organo Gold Gourmet Cafe Supreme is an instant coffee mixture that tastes great and has some of the best health benefits of any instant coffee that you will ever drink. Read the reviews at

This one of a kind drink mixture is part of their extensive coffee line, and it has been designed with the busy professional in mind. If you have been wanting a smooth and delicious coffee blend that will take you to new heights and benefit your health then the Organo Gold Gourmet Cafe Supreme is a one of a kind product that you will love. The main difference between this instant coffee and the generic brands is the addition of Ginseng, which does more then just add flavor. Watch this video on Youtube. The Ginseng promotes healthy brain functioning and can also boost the immune system naturally, try getting that out of an ordinary cup of coffee. Then there is the addition of Eurycoma longifolia Jack Powder, which has been shown to boost energy levels naturally as well as contribute to the smooth flavoring of the coffee. Organo Gold makes delicious coffees with positive health benefits, and this is shown with their delicious line of Cafe Supreme coffees that not only provide a blissful experience in the morning with every brew, but also a slew of health benefits that many other coffee blends don’t. The Organo Gold Gourmet Cafe Supreme will satisfy even the most discerning coffee lover.


Neurocore:Stimulating the Brain

Neurocore Brain Performance Centers, Founder and Neuropsychologist, Dr Tim Royer, is convinced that brain training is the next level when it comes to athletes maximizing their performance and achieving their A game. He emphasizes on the need of the brain to slow down and relax so as to allow efficient recovery of all other body systems. Elite athletes who rise above the rest, are the standouts that have good performances. This is called the Zone, where the athletes bring out their best out of every performance. However, their performance ends up being inconsistent due to the fact that the brain, which is the muscle memory is unstable. Learn more about Neurocore at Crunchbase.

The concept is that the mind plays an important role just as the body of performance levels. Mental strengthening can be a powerful force, a skill set that gives one the potential to perform the same task, the same way, every time. With or without mental condition, the brain has neuroplasticity, which means they can change and require to be exercised like any other part of the body of better results. Brain imbalances including depression, migraines, post-traumatic stress disorder and stress affect both adult and children causing uneven performances. Read more about Neurocore at

Kirk Cousins, quarterback for the Minnesota Vikings discovered the neurocore brain training during his senior year at Michigan State. He went pro with the Washington Redskins, but performance was inconsistent. Upon brain training in neurocore, his coach recognized the dramatic improvement in Kirk Cousins mental game. Besides his improved stamina, Cousins in his own words said that he sees brain training as the next thing, the next frontier in performance levels.

Cousins case is common, all we need is a way to put the brain in an optimum place for whatever is happening in the moment. Brain training is something achievable. With the brain in the balance and at peak function, physiological systems and sleep patterns are also regulated, leading to an upward spiral of overall good health.

Neurocore specializes in helping children and adults improve concentration, sleep well and to manage stress while providing data-driven, brain-based assessments and training programs.


PSI Pay: The leading digital payment company

PSI Pay limited is an online digital company that provides a fast, private and secure means for businesses and individuals to transact globally. It started its operations in the year 2007. The company was licensed and became a payment institution in the same year. Its activities are legal since the company is under a regulatory body called the Financial Conduct Authority.

Apart from online services PSI Pay limited is a member of MasterCard. That allowed them to offer physical and bespoke virtual card program for individual and companies all over the world. These include remote staff payment and corporate expense management that uses PSI Pay’s self-care and facilities that usually used in an account.

PSI Pay have a great faith that the digital method of payment will eventually become famous than other ordinary payment methods. Another critical step they took was to partner with Kerv. They came up with a ring which can be worn and used for paying items bought. It is the straightforward and fast method.

2015 was unquestionably a blessed year for the PSI Pay Limited. They achieved a lot including, completion of its strategic modernization, created new, stronger supplier relationship and also invested in its technological ability emphasis most on security. Also, it has grown regarding income revenue and even gross profit compared to other years. All of this growth came as a result of teamwork and the hard work of the company’s staffs. This is according to the managing director. Also expansion into other countries, the introduction of amazing products and professional promotion campaigns played a major in the company’s great achievement.

In this digital market full of competition, for some business, accepting to make payments online comes with a lot of advantages. Those who are buying, many are the times they use the internet for fast and secure service. PSI-Pay has the security features that allow all the transactions to be safe and reliable. To reduce the exposure of the customer’s account to fraud, the company has employed a team of professionals dedicated to interrogating suspicious act and financial transactions.—PAY-LTD/companies-house-data