How Nick Vertucci Became An Expert At Making Money In Real Estate

Businessman Nick Vertucci says that he started from humble beginnings. He grew up in a family led by a single mom who didn’t make that much in the way of an income. After graduating from high school he was able to get enough money to start a company where he sold computers and their accessories. He was doing fairly well at this retail business when the bottom dropped out of the industry due to the 200 dot com crash.

As a consequence of his business going under, Nick Vertucci says he lost everything including his house. After a period of time he enrolled in a real estate academy he had seen advertising for. This turned his life around as he discovered he could make really good money buying foreclosed houses, putting in work making improvements to them as well as repairs, and then selling them for a tidy profit.

Once Nick Vertucci accomplished his financial goal, which was to become a millionaire, he decided to return the favor by launching his own real estate academy, NV Real Estate Academy. Since founding this company in 2007, he and his team have taught thousands of people all over the United States how they, too, can have a career buying and selling real estate. He said doing so lead to financial freedom for him and he’s gratified when he can do the same for others.

The system that Nick Vertucci developed is called house flipping and he became a master at it. He’s also hired other people in the industry to teach courses in which they are experts like how to make money with commercial buildings or as a landlord of single or multi-family homes. His classes are free to attend and pop up in major cities across America. He says his philosophy in life is to see it, believe it, map it, then execute it.