Glen Wakeman Says You Can Be A Business P&L Expert Like Him If You’ve Got A Detailed Plan

Glen Wakeman is one of the best people to ask about starting new companies because he did this for many years as an executive who traveled around the world. He now does business startup consulting as a hobby and he is responsible for the development of Launchpad Holdings which provides instruction on how to build a foundation for your business. Wakeman said he felt the failure rate for new businesses was much higher than it needed to be, but the trend could stop if they were given a way to become well-run entities with real leaders involved. Launchpad uses a SAAS system to guide users through a business setup process. They then can show investors why investing in their company is a wise choice.


Glen Wakeman believes there are five essential areas businesses will need to be strong in in order to succeed long-term. They need a strong plan for financial management, a written plan for governance and policy making, an effective leadership training and utilization, growth strategy and human capital management. He has coached young managers and upcoming executives and has also turned around troubled companies that have needed better management and higher profit margins.


Glen Wakeman studied business and finance at the University of Scranton and then went on to the big business school at the University of Chicago. He began in the banking firm of General Electric and began working in asset management and expanding their business services in P&L. He helped establish GE Capital in Latin America, the UK, east Asia and several other regions. Along with helping various companies restructure their corporate systems, Wakeman also helped start Nova Four, a venture capital wing of GE. After spending over 20 years traveling and reorganizing businesses for GE, Glen Wakeman retired and decided to do business leadership consulting on his own. Along with the program he started at Launchpad, he also became an advisor to an angel investing company known as Dreamfunded and an executive coach for Bitterness. You can also follow Wakeman on social media such as his LinkedIn and Facebook pages.