Japan Travel Vlogger Kim Dao Shares Advice For First-Time Shoppers At Don Quijote

Anyone interested in traveling to Tokyo has probably run across vlogger Kim Dao’s videos on YouTube. Although Kim was born and bred in Perth, she has spent the majority of her working life in Japan. The most popular videos on Kim’s YouTube channel have to do with travel to the Land of the Rising Sun.

In one of Kim’s new videos, she shares helpful information on visiting one of Japan’s most famous stores: Don Quijote. This famous department store can be overwhelming to first-time travelers, so Kim is here to break down the 10 unique Japanese items every tourist should try out.

First, Kim Dao suggests everyone take a good look at the Japanese skincare products on sale. Not only are Japan-made skincare creams popular in Asia, they’re highly sought after all over the world. According to Kim, one of the best things about buying skincare at Don Quijote is that these products are extremely cheap.

Keeping with the skincare theme, number two on Kim’s list is Japanese makeup. Kim says the packaging of Japanese makeup products is exceptional, especially if you’re into popular anime characters. Personally, Kim Dao is a fan of the “Sailor Moon” inspired makeup products as well as fake eyelashes.

Next on Kim’s ideal shopping list at Don Quijote is a packet of ichiran ramen. In case you haven’t heard already, Ichiran Ramen is a famous restaurant throughout Japan. This restaurant’s ramen is so popular that it sells boxed ramen meals in stores like Don Quijote. If you can’t make it to an authentic Japanese ramen restaurant, Kim highly suggests purchasing a box of ichiran ramen at Don Quijote.

Some of the other suggestions on Kim’s new video include specialty KitKats, mini Japanese food, kitchen utensils, and hot eye masks.