Saudi Arabia taking steps to be a top tourist destination

A recent announcement from the General Entertainment Authority, the government entertainment agency highlights steps Saudi Arabia is taking to merge with Hollywood culture.

The General Entertainment Authority shared that it is finalizing deals with Cirque du Soleil and AMC Theaters. This aligns with efforts by the Crown Prince to reform the image of Saudi Arabia, a top oil producing nation. These partnerships, along with other new relationships with festival promotion company IMG Artists, touring company Feld Entertainment, and National Geographic Encounter highlight the potential of Saudi Arabia as an investment opportunity and signals change in the culture. Plans to open cinemas by 2030 show the focus on attempts to modernize the culture and add diversity to the economy.

Cirque du Soleil will premier its first show in September to celebrate Saudi Arabia’s National Day. Saudi Arabia is, geographically, the fifth largest state in Asia, with over 28 million people. Currently, the economy is one of the least diversified, relying heavily on extraction of oil resources. Travel to Saudi Arabia has been difficult. Islamic law is strictly enforced and regulations prohibit the public practice of any form of religion other than Islam. Crimes such as adultery, possession of alcohol/drugs, and homosexual acts can be punishable by death. If you follow the customs and rules, it can be an intriguing and unforgettable trip. With adventures and history, it will broaden your travel experiences. These new cultural items, including movies and shows, will continue to work to increase tourism to the country.