GoBuyside Making Changes in Recruitment

Arjun K. is the CEO and Founder of GoBuyside a recruitment firm located in New York City that specializes in the financial industry. They help people find work in private equity, hedge funds, investment management and advisory firms. They employee highly qualified candidates and work with many prominent companies in the finance. He attended The John Hopkins University where he earned his bachelor’s in economics and the Stanford University Graduate School of Business and earned his master’s in business administration. His company has been providing recruitments services to financial firms for more than 10 years. Read more at Wayup about GoBuyside.

GoBuyside has offices nationwide and across the globe in more than 500 cities. They employ people in South America, Europe and Asia. They have offices in Canada, the United Kingdom, China, and Germany as well as Switzerland and Singapore. Their offices in the United States employ candidates from coast to coast, including New York, California and Florida. They help companies with market research, business plans, and marketing plans. They assist with the business management, raising capital and business projects. They have a diverse range of candidates that are available to work in Japan, South Korea and Egypt. They can also be hired in Spain, Italy and Indonesia.

Additionally, GoBuyside recruits’ candidates with expertise in presentation development, growth plan strategies and performance metrics. They can provide companies with market planning, competitive analysis and market analytics. Their clients have more than $2 billion in assets and look for the best-qualified candidates. They expect to get the best people for the job, and GoBuyside has filled many positions for these companies. They take pride in building positive relationships with their clients and candidates. They can fill a position within ten days and provide at least ten candidates for interviews.

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Furthermore, GoBuyside has created an innovative way to hire staff that applies technology to the search for candidates. They have implemented online job boards; an applicant tracking system and are combining artificial intelligence into their candidate searches. When Arjun realized there was a shortage of jobs for finance candidates, he decided to utilize his knowledge of technology and finance to assist companies in finding top-notch talent.

Arjun believes that having a strong sense of ethics, and providing valuable service to clients is key to maintaining a good reputation in his industry. He has found the best candidates that allow his clients excel in the world of business. Read this article at Accesswire.