Japan as the Ultimate Tourist Location

Japan probably does not strike you as being a very interesting place to travel to as a tourist. The modern industrial complex of the country and the fact that much of the traditional rural areas are devoid of life makes the cost of the trip not especially appealing to those not accustomed to what is available. Surprisingly, as mentioned in an article from Forbes (https://www.forbes.com/sites/anismuslimin/2018/04/04/japans-richest-2018-tourism-takeover/#e4a95f8554a1), Japan is actually seeing a massive increase in tourism lately, to a degree that it may be able to significantly boost the economy of the country and move it into a new period of national prosperity.

The main sights of Japan to see are the traditional architecture and culture that the country still provides. Japan itself is a vibrant combination of new and old, which is unique to the country as it was forced to modernize from a feudal society of sword wielding warriors into one that used railroads and muskets within a time span of roughly twenty years. This unique perspective makes the cultural landscape, mannerisms of the Japanese people, and tourist locations especially interesting to tourists from the West.

One of the most popular sights to visit in Japan is the old capital city of Kyoto. Kyoto at one point in time was the seat of the Emperor and had been for hundreds of years. The city to this day represents this rich historical background with its elaborate Buddhist and Shinto temples. Japan is quickly becoming the place to go for Western tourists.

Aviointeriors Showcases New Vertical Airplane Seats

The highly respected Italy-based company Aviointeriors unveiled a brand new upright airplane seat design. Executives claim companies could increase airplane travel capacity by as much as 20 percent if they were to use these bright yellow seats.

Called the Skyrider 2.0, these seats are designed somewhat like a horse-straddle in which passengers have to place their legs on the sides. Passengers in these seats will only have about 23 inches of legroom in front of them.

As you could imagine, these aren’t exactly the most comfortable seats in the world, but they are extremely cost-effective. Aviointeriors execs say they only intend to use these seats on plane rides of three hours or less. Although Aviointeriors didn’t mention it during their unveiling, it’s likely boarding passes for Skyrider 2.0 seating will be available at a deep discount.

Besides providing airlines with more space, the Skyrider 2.0 has the added benefit of weighing 50 percent less than most seats in airplanes. Aviointeriors also touted the fact that Skyrider 2.0 has less components, thus it will cost airlines less in maintenance fees.

There’s already a great deal of interest in the airline community to increase profits by using technologies like vertical seats. Indeed, the South American airline VivaColombia even suggested making passengers stand on shorter flights.

As of today, aviation safety experts haven’t approved any vertical seat design for installation in airplanes. Despite Aviointeriors decades-long track record in the airline business, it’s unclear whether safety crews will allow Skyrider 2.0 to be installed into airplanes anytime soon.

Headquartered in Naples, Aviointeriors has worked with big name airliners including Icelandair, Asiana Airlines, Rossiya, and Cathay Pacific.

The Skyrider 2.0 was formally unveiled at the recent Aircraft Interiors Expo in Germany.

Dermatologists Reveal Top Sunscreens For Summer Travelers

With the summer travel season almost here, dermatologists are reminding everyone to put on sunscreen every day to prevent the risk of skin cancer. Yes, it might be a bit inconvenient to add this step to your daily routine, but it’s essential if you’re going to be doing a lot of traveling near beaches.

While we all know it’s beneficial to wear sunscreen in the summer, it’s often difficult to pick a reputable brand that’s comfortable to wear. Thankfully, a team of dermatologist and beauty experts recently agreed to list what they consider the best sunscreens on the market.

The top pick in the oil-free sunscreen category went to EltaMD UV Broad-Spectrum SPF. One interesting feature in this EltaMD product is the inclusion of niacinamide, which has been known to help reduce dark spots.

Skin health experts chose Le Roche-Posay Anthelios 60 Melt-In Milk for the number one position in the body sunscreen category. The best part about this sunscreen is its texture, especially if you can’t stand typical splotchy sunscreens. As you apply the Antihelios 60 Melt-In Milk, it will instantly absorb into your skin without leaving white steak marks.

If there are any summer sports lovers out there, you should look into the EltaMD UV Sport Broad-Spectrum SPF 50. Dermatologists chose this brand as the best sport sunscreen because it is highly sweat-resistant.

Finally, for people who are into eco-conscious living, perhaps you should check out the Drunk Elephant Umbra Sheer Physical Daily Defense SPF 30. Beauty experts love this all-natural sunscreen’s use of marula oil and zinc oxide to provide optimal protection and moisturization.

You can find the full sunscreen list in the latest edition of InStyle magazine.

Skiers Rush to Take Advantage of Epic European Season

Skiers across Europe will be delighted with the news of an extended ski season across the continent thanks to record snow depths at this late stage of the season. What is normally the tail end of spring ski season will be extended a bit longer as skiers rush to take advantage of an epic season across the board.

There are still nine resorts open in France, mostly offering skiing on glacier pistes. Val d’Isere and Tignes are boasting the most premium conditions with firm snow that is over 300cm deep. In Austria, Sölden is running about two-thirds of their lift capacity, providing skiers with the chance to experience the perfect combination of warm and sunny weather partnered with deep spring snow conditions. A forecast for clear skies over the Swiss Alps in the coming weeks promises skiers some excellent ski conditions. Ten of Switzerland’s most popular resorts are offering uplift for glacier skiing next week, with Zermatt operating 16 of their 52 lifts for the high elevation opportunities. Over in Italy, Cervinia is still offering all 15 of its lifts for its customers wanting to take advantage of the 430cm base depth of snow on its highest peaks.

Although the conditions are not as favorable across the pond, there are limited resorts in North America still in business. British Columbia’s Whistler resort will be operating until May, with Blackcomb Glacier seeing most of the action. Resorts in Summit County, Colorado are also still operating on a limited basis.

Foodie Travels Around The World In Quest Of The Best Restaurant

In only one year, BofI Holding’s chairman of the board Paul Grinberg visited 99 of the 100 restaurants on the official 2017 list of the “100 Best Restaurants in the World.” Yeah, it’s pretty safe to say Mr. Grinberg is one of the business world’s most intense foodies.

Thanks to Grinberg’s job, he has to travel pretty much year round (and it also doesn’t hurt that he has plenty of disposable income to throw towards fine-dining experiences). In addition to testing out restaurants on the official list, Grinberg has visited hundreds of other Michelin-starred eateries over the past decade.

So, with all this experience eating around the world, what are some of Grinberg’s top picks for hungry tourists? One Grinberg’s all-time favorites Peruvian restaurant Maido at 399 Calle San Martin Street in Lima. Grinberg says he adores how the chefs at Maido are able to seamlessly blend the traditional flavors of Peru with Japanese cuisine. A few other honorable mentions on Grinberg’s list include Ultraviolet by Paul Pairet in Shanghai, Le Calandre in Rubano, and Alinea in Chicago.

Grinberg said he was inspired to start his fine-dining trek around the world just 12 years ago when he visited the highly-reviewed Le Bernardin at 155 W 51st Street in Manhattan. The experience at this restaurant was so exquisite that Grinberg decided to dedicate a large portion of his finances to eating at the world’s best restaurants.

In interviews with the press, Grinberg revealed a few of the odd things he had to do to ensure he visited as many of this year’s best-reviewed restaurants as possible. Some of interesting things Grinberg had to do include traveling 12 hours by plane for one meal, eating two dinners in one evening, and gulping down sushi rolls for dinner every day for one whole week.

Speaking of sushi, the only restaurant on the 100 best list Grinberg hasn’t visited is Sushi Saito in Tokyo’s Minato district. Even though Grinberg called dozens of times before his visit to Japan, he still wasn’t able to get into this exclusive restaurant.

Space Hotels Are Vying for Your Attention

If you’re the kind of person who has traveled all around the world, then chances are that you’ll appreciate something new and different. Luckily for you, Orion Span has just the thing. Named Aurora Station, it won’t be available for another four years or so. But now would be a good time to start saving up, because chances are that this vacation will be more pricey than your last one. Starting at around ten million bucks, it’s not cheap. However, it will be memorable-because this vacation destination is located in space!

Those who appreciate the finer things in life are sure to enjoy this trip, which will be designated as a luxury endeavor. Vacationers will be accompanied by two astronauts, who will shuttle them back and forth from Earth. And if you think this is some pie-in-the-sky concept that will never see the light of day, then you have another thing coming to you. Announced at the Space 2.0 Summit, this project is being developed by people who boast decades of experience in the space industry. Although it may not be accessible to everyone, it’s bound to be the trip of a lifetime for those who are able to afford it. However, vacationers will be expected to undergo a three-month training period. Combining online training, in addition to in-person instruction, the program is designed to make sure that all of the travelers are safe.

Universal Studios Florida Will Soon Open Its First Voodoo Doughnuts

The Portland-based shop Voodoo Doughnuts is about to open a brand new store in Orlando’s Universal Studios. This latest Voodoo Doughnuts location will be the first time the iconic eatery opens a shop on the East Coast.

Floridians can get a taste of Voodoo Doughnuts unique flavors in the CityWalk area near Universal Studios Resort. Executives at the doughnut company believe Orlando’s Voodoo Doughnuts will officially open this year in late spring.

Although Orlando’s Voodoo Doughnuts isn’t technically open to the general public, Universal Studios recently announced the restaurant is in preview mode. Interested tourists can visit the Universal Orlando Resort Blog for updates on Voodoo Doughnuts’ preview hours.

For the un-initiated, Voodoo Doughnuts is a specialty doughnut shop that first opened its doors in the “City of Roses” in 2004. The shop soon became instantly famous nationwide for its bizarre (and, of course, delicious) menu items. The most popular doughnut at Voodoo Doughnuts remains its maple bacon doughnut.

In total, Voodoo Doughnuts now offers 50 different doughnut flavors ranging from basic glazed to Oreo with chocolate and peanut butter drizzle. Believe it or not, some couples love Voodoo Doughnuts so much that they decide to celebrate their wedding there.

Even though Voodoo Doughnuts has been opened for over a decade, there are still 30-minute waits to get inside almost every day. The original Voodoo Doughnuts location is at 22 SW 3rd Avenue in Portland and is open 24/7.

With Orlando, Voodoo Doughnuts now has eight locations including Hollywood, Austin, and Denver. One of these locations is a Voodoo Doughnuts food truck that parks at 8145 SE 82nd Avenue in Portland daily between 11AM and 6PM.

Copenhagen’s Futuristic Pool Set to Make a Splash

An attraction in Copenhagen’s Harbor is about to make a huge splash. Architecture firm Kengo Kuma & Associates has revealed preliminary drawings of a futurist and luxurious public pool at Copenhagen’s new Waterfront Culture Center. The Japanese firm won the competition to design and build the aquatic center, featuring a myriad of indoor and outdoor pools that cascade down into the awaiting sea. A network of glass pools will be intertwined with brick pyramids that guests can frolick about.

Located on an unused artificial island in Copenhagan’s harbor, the new Waterfront Culture Center will also feature spaces for other activities designed to promote health and physical activity. The center will be the focus of the Christiansholm island, which is aiming to be a central part of the attempt to revitalize Copenhagen’s waterfront and provide more recreational and leisure opportunities for visitors and residents alike. The Waterfront Culture Center will join the island’s retail space, food stalls, and science and technology museum. No opening date has been released for the pool and center yet.

Yuki Ikeguchi, the project’s lead architect, stated that the goal of the center is to honor the rich sea culture of Denmark’s heritage by seamlessly blending the elements of the land into the elements of the water. The purpose of the center is to not create a standalone building but to create a site that is an extension of the water, offering a multi-dimensional experience to all visitors.

How A Woman And Her Husband Travel The World For A Low Price

Faith Coates and Alan Hogan do not have a lot of money, but they still have managed to travel the world. They divide their time between Spain, England, Ireland and Cyprus. They do not rent or own any of these homes. They are housesitters. Faith and Alan offer to look after people’s pets and property in exchange for free housing.

Faith never thought that she would be able to travel because of her limited income. She stated that she and her husband have been able to see places that they never thought that they would be able to see. Faith and Alan decided to start traveling after they retired.

They sold their house and most of their belongings and moved to Mexico. They looked online for people who were looking for long-term sittings. They do not pay their bills with housesitting. However, they are able to get free housing and utilities. They pay for their own transportation and food.

Faith and Alan earn an income from promoting their blog. Their life is fun, but it does have challenges. They once had to rush a dog to the vet because it had an allergic reaction. Faith and Alan plan to continue housesitting even if they decide to settle down in one place. They stated that housesitting allows them to try out different places to live.

Ireland is the place that they would like to settle permanently. They stated that it is stunningly beautiful.

New Study Reveals The “Perfect” American Road-Trip

A data expert believes he’s come up with the absolute best route for people interested in traveling the USA without putting too much wear and tear on their car. Anyone who follows this route will get to see a major monument or state park in each of the 48 contiguous states on a journey that spans 13,389 miles.

Randy Olson, a data scientist at the company Life Epigenetics, was the mastermind behind this list. The three rules Olson kept in mind as he was devising this route included the following: the road-trip had to include all 48 contiguous states, there must be one stop at a monument/park of “national historic” status, and the trip must not go outside of the USA. To make up for the loss of Hawaii and Alaska, Dr. Olson included an extra landmark in California and one monument in Washington, DC.

Once Dr. Olson selected his 50 landmarks, he had to input the data into Google Maps API and search for the shortest ride out of a possible 3 x 10 to the 64th power of routes. Dr. Olson used genetic algorithms to come up with his ideal route of 13,389 miles, which lasts a total nine days.

In addition to this “ideal” road-trip, Dr. Olson also devised a route for people who only want to visit major cities across the USA. In total, this route will add 12,290 miles to your odometer.

For people just interested in taking a shorter drive through specific regions of the USA or major tourist states like Florida, Dr. Olson compiled a few smaller road-trip ideas on his website. To find out more information on these suggested routes, anyone can visit Dr. Olson’s blog at http://www.randalolson.com/