Kim Dao Reveals 100 Best Things To Do In Tokyo For First-Time Travelers

With Tokyo’s cherry blossom season in full bloom, beauty & travel vlogger Kim Dao decided to record a helpful video for any first-time travelers to Japan’s capital city. In her video “100 Things to do in TOKYO, JAPAN | Japan Travel Guide,” Kim recommends 100 of her all-time favorite attractions in Tokyo every visitor should add to his/her bucket list. Below, we’ll go through Kim’s top three suggestions for anyone traveling to Tokyo.

First on Kim Dao’s itinerary is to explore Shinjuku Station. Not only is Shinjuku Station the busiest train station in Tokyo, it’s one of the busiest and largest in the world. Kim Dao advises everyone to just “get lost” in this massive station and enjoy all the world-class shops and restaurants.

The second suggestion in Kim’s guide video is to take a trip up to the top of Tokyo’s Government Building for a superb panoramic view of the city. Since it’s free to take a ride to the top of these towers, it’s recommended you visit the Government Building as early as possible to avoid long lines.

Third, Kim Dao recommends taking a stroll through the alleyways of Omoide Yokocho to get a feel for “olden times” in Japan. She also says this is an exceptional place to order authentic Japanese cuisine at tiny food stands.

Anyone interested in hearing Kim Dao’s other 97 things to do in Tokyo can see this full video on her main YouTube page right here:

By the way, Tokyo’s cherry blossoms officially opened on March 17th and reached full bloom around March 25th. While the petals have started to fall in Tokyo, there are still many other cities either at peak or close to full bloom across the Land of the Rising Sun. People visiting Japan in mid to late April should head to cities like Sendai, Fukushima, and the Sapporo to see cherry blossoms in full bloom.