Travel Industry Concerned About US-China Trade War

According to the head of the travel industry’s umbrella group, President Donald Trump’s trade war with China may affect international travel as it could restrict travel between certain countries. These restrictions may lead to a sharp decrease in world travel and business trips to the United States.

Roger Dow, president of the travel umbrella group called U.S. Travel Association, believes that Trump’s trade policies and talk causing the $2.1 trillion industry to go into a nose dive. This current industry started in 2015 with a strong dollar that made world travel expensive, many countries had slumping economies and the new trend of European discount airlines that made international travel cheaper to do.

The travel umbrella group president thinks that America’s part of international travel has gone down to 11.9 percent from 13.6 percent. Dow mentioned this during a Bloomberg interview. This decrease in US travel is equal to $32 billion, 7.4 million visitors and 100,000 jobs.

Dow believes that the Trump administration is just not getting it. The person on the street does not seem to know that world travel is a job creator.

The travel industry is very anxious about this trade war. China could have a larger travel market than the US in a couple of years. This trade war could affect travel between the two countries.

From the travel industry’s point of view, this trade war is hopefully a short one so travel between China and US can get back to normal.