Dr. Mark Mofid: Taking Gluteal Augmentation To A Higher Level

Dr. Mark Mofid is a board certified, Johns Hopkins University and Harvard University trained plastic surgeon who specializes in gluteal augmentation. Dr. Mofid is also known for his 8 years of intensive research into innovative ways to make the implants used in the procedure safer and yield better results. As a result, Dr. Mark Mofid was able to design a low profile gluteal implant with superior intramuscular positioning and improved ratios that not only looks better, it is safer and more effective than the outdated alternatives that had been used in the industry for decades.

The gluteal augmentation industry is notorious for its doctors willing to give in to their patients’ demands for bigger implants to make them stand out physically even if it means risking their health. Dr. Mofid is known for turning down offers of large sums of money to do gluteal augmentation procedures if he feels they are contrary to medical safety practices. His adherence to the highest level of safety when it comes to gluteal augmentation procedures has earned Dr. Mofid a stellar reputation for putting patient safety above all else. Plus, he gets some of the best outcomes in the industry.

Part of the reason for the outstanding level of success Dr. Mark Mofid has enjoyed is his commitment to research and preparation. Dr. Mofid has an in-depth understanding of the muscle systems, fat and skin involved in gluteal augmentation and is praised for his detailed, innovative approach to the procedure. He has also learned advanced techniques under the tutelage of Brazilian gluteal augmentation specialist Dr. Raul Gonzalez. Considered among the most skilled and experienced cosmetic surgeons in the world when it comes to gluteal augmentations, Dr. Gonzalez has spent an extensive amount of time teaching Dr. Mark Mofid the art and science behind proper gluteal augmentation.

When patients visit Dr. Mark Mofid offices in San Diego and La Jolla, California, they receive the highest standard of medically safe care. Plus, they benefit from Dr. Mofid’s many years of research, training and innovation and will be satisfied with the absolutely phenomenal results he consistently delivers.