Jiuzhaigou National Park Will Re-Open On March 8th

Chinese authorities are getting ready to re-open the Jiuzhaigou National Park later this month. Officials say all of the major sites in this famous park have been restored to their pre-earthquake glory and that they will welcome a certain number of visitors every day.

Jiuzhaigou National Park, which is in China’s southwestern Sichuan Province close to Chengdu, will host a small re-opening ceremony on March 8th. Visitors can now only gain access to Jiuzhaigou as a part of a pre-booked group and must have travel insurance. There’s no word yet when Jiuzhaigou will officially re-open to the broader public.

For at least the next few months, only 2,000 people will be allowed to visit Jiuzhaigou per day. Just to put this into perspective, park officials let as many as 20,000 people per day into Jiuzhaigou before the earthquake.

Park rangers were forced to close Jiuzhaigou in August of 2017 following a 7.0-magnitude quake. This earthquake caused extensive damage to the park’s major sites, especially the famed Nuorilang Waterfall.

Thankfully, conservation crews have helped rebuild most of Jiuzhaigou’s most important landmarks. In addition to the Nuorilang Waterfall, guests can visit the parks numerous colorful lakes.

This park was named after the nine Tibetan villages that used to comprise the area. Thanks to its otherworldly beauty, many Tibetans and Chinese believe Jiuzhaigou is a sacred place.

In total, Jiuzhaigou measures 180,000 acres and has peaks that go as high as 14,800 feet. Founded in 1978, the Jiuzhaigou National Park became a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1992 and is listed as one of China’s most important tourist attractions.