Madrid Pioneers “Tin-To-Table” Craze For Foodie Travelers

Foodie travelers have been pushing for more restaurants to get “back to basics” and put more emphasis on organic ingredients and authentic recipes. One interesting new offshoot related to this foodie trend is an increased interest in tinned foods.

The Spanish capital Madrid is one of the pioneering cities behind this tinned food craze.

For decades, Spain been at the forefront of preparing some of the world’s most highly-valued tinned foods. While the majority of tinned foods in Spain’s supermarkets are seafood related, there are also plenty of finely prepared peppers and veggies to choose from. Most of the time, Spanish tinned products are so well prepared that they cost more than the same foodstuffs in glass jars.

In just the past few months, restaurants in Madrid started to offer tinned-food menu options for guests. Today, there are at least six restaurants in the Spanish capital that focus primarily on tinned foods either from high-quality companies or made in-house.

These restaurants range in price and the type of service they offer their customers. Some are designed as “fast food” alternatives for people on the move. Others are more interested in providing guests with a fine dining experience complete with toasted bread, cheeses, and wine.

Locals love the convenience, quality, and lower prices of these new tin can restaurants. Not only do these meals cost less than an average Madrid restaurant, they are also far more nutritious than standard fast food.

Travel experts expect this tinned food craze to grow throughout Spain in the coming years. If all goes well, “tin-to-table” restaurants could soon spread out to Europe and North America.