Disney World Will Soon Allow Guests To Use Phones To Get Into Hotel Rooms

Long gone are the days of using a physical key to get into your hotel room…especially at Walt Disney World’s hotels. Believe it or not, guests staying at Walt Disney World resorts will soon be able to use mobile phones to open their hotel room’s doors.

Today, people who stay at Disney resorts have to use MagicBands – electronic wristbands that store every guest’s travel data – to get into their rooms. MagicBands not only allow guests to enter their rooms, they can also be used to get into Disney’s theme parks, pay for food & merchandise, and use FastPasses.

Disney will first test this new mobile-key program at the Wilderness Lodge resort near the Magic Kingdom. Once they’ve got all the kinks worked out of the system, Disney employees will begin offering this feature at all of its other resorts.

In addition to unlocking hotel rooms, Disney executives want to extend this digital key service into other areas of their hotels. Eventually, guests will be able to use their phones to get into exclusive areas like resort pools and special lounges.

Even though customers can’t use their phones to get into their rooms just yet, Disney already released a new service that allows guests to check in to their hotel online. Once the room is ready, Disney employees send out a text message to let guests know they can enter their room with their MagicBands.

There’s no word yet whether Disney is planning on introducing this phone-key feature to its other theme parks or cruise line.

Singapore Changi Tops List of World’s Best Airports

The results are in and Singapore’s Changi Airport has won its sixth straight title of world’s best airport according to the well-regarded Skytrax World Airport Awards. Singapore Changi is a first class operation, featuring a vibrant mix of amenities and maximum airport efficiency. In 2017 Changi saw over 62.2 million passengers pass through its gates with more than 373,000 landings and takeoffs. The airport serves an impressive list of over 400 destinations globally, making it a top gateway to the continent of Asia. Changi earned bragging rights in the business traveler sector with over two dozen airport lounges, appealing to frequent travelers from all over the world. Other eclectic amenities include two free 24-hour movie theaters, a relaxing sunflower garden, and a fun rooftop pool, all designed to entertain travelers and provide unique airport experiences. 2019 will feature even more offerings with the opening of the $1 billion Jewel Changi Airport, housing over 300 retail and dining destinations and a massive children’s play area.

Asia boasted housing the top four airports in the world, with Seoul, South Korea’s Incheon airport landing at number two, Japan’s Tokyo Haneda location taking third, and Hong Kong’s airport coming in at fourth. Qatar’s location in Doha rounded out the top five. British Columbia’s airport in Vancouver was the highest rated airport in North America, coming in at number 14 on the list. Denver International Airport in Colorado rated the top airport in the United States with a list showing of 29th place.

Kim Dao Reveals 100 Best Things To Do In Tokyo For First-Time Travelers

With Tokyo’s cherry blossom season in full bloom, beauty & travel vlogger Kim Dao decided to record a helpful video for any first-time travelers to Japan’s capital city. In her video “100 Things to do in TOKYO, JAPAN | Japan Travel Guide,” Kim recommends 100 of her all-time favorite attractions in Tokyo every visitor should add to his/her bucket list. Below, we’ll go through Kim’s top three suggestions for anyone traveling to Tokyo.

First on Kim Dao’s itinerary is to explore Shinjuku Station. Not only is Shinjuku Station the busiest train station in Tokyo, it’s one of the busiest and largest in the world. Kim Dao advises everyone to just “get lost” in this massive station and enjoy all the world-class shops and restaurants.

The second suggestion in Kim’s guide video is to take a trip up to the top of Tokyo’s Government Building for a superb panoramic view of the city. Since it’s free to take a ride to the top of these towers, it’s recommended you visit the Government Building as early as possible to avoid long lines.

Third, Kim Dao recommends taking a stroll through the alleyways of Omoide Yokocho to get a feel for “olden times” in Japan. She also says this is an exceptional place to order authentic Japanese cuisine at tiny food stands.

Anyone interested in hearing Kim Dao’s other 97 things to do in Tokyo can see this full video on her main YouTube page right here: https://www.youtube.com/user/kimdao.

By the way, Tokyo’s cherry blossoms officially opened on March 17th and reached full bloom around March 25th. While the petals have started to fall in Tokyo, there are still many other cities either at peak or close to full bloom across the Land of the Rising Sun. People visiting Japan in mid to late April should head to cities like Sendai, Fukushima, and the Sapporo to see cherry blossoms in full bloom.

What Is the Meaning Behind Shervin Pishevar’s Twitter Tempest?

One detail that’s grabbed the attention of headlines is the recent outburst by Shervin Pishevar concerning a rather gloomy outlook on the US economy in the coming years, and it seems to be brought on in part by a Bitcoin crash that hasn’t yet finished while a ruined infrastructural support system lags far behind that of other countries. It all seems so odd: The venture capitalist, who formerly headed Sherpa Capital, had disappeared since his resignation from the company back in December. What brought him back in such a furious storm?

For those not yet in the know, Shervin Pishevar was originally forced to exit Sherpa Capital due to overwhelming attention toward allegations of sexual misconduct, and he stated that it was necessary to cut himself off from the company in order to prevent the drama from interfering with its operation. Interestingly enough, his return to media headlines now coincides with a recent lawsuit that was placed on a company known as Definers Public Affairs — a rather official-sounding name if one hadn’t known differently — for allegedly slandering him.

In his 21-hour onslaught of more than 40 tweets outlining a dark future for US enterprisers and consumers alike in the coming years, Shervin Pishevar notes the following:

  • The infrastructural support system in the US is in bad shape. It’s difficult to acquire funding for projects anymore, and those that are approved take months or years to finish what the likes of China can knock out in mere hours.
  • The big fish in business, namely the five most influential companies (Apple, Amazon, Alphabet [Google], Facebook and Microsoft), will continue to trample start-ups in the country, stifling innovation and discouraging more companies from starting up in the future.
  • The stock market is about to see a 6,000-point drop thanks to these conditions and more, one of them being the much-emphasized continuation of the Bitcoin crash. Shervin Pishevar points out that the cryptocurrency is expected to drop by as much as another $5,000 before coming to a rest and then slowly ascending once more.


Travel Industry Concerned About US-China Trade War

According to the head of the travel industry’s umbrella group, President Donald Trump’s trade war with China may affect international travel as it could restrict travel between certain countries. These restrictions may lead to a sharp decrease in world travel and business trips to the United States.

Roger Dow, president of the travel umbrella group called U.S. Travel Association, believes that Trump’s trade policies and talk causing the $2.1 trillion industry to go into a nose dive. This current industry started in 2015 with a strong dollar that made world travel expensive, many countries had slumping economies and the new trend of European discount airlines that made international travel cheaper to do.

The travel umbrella group president thinks that America’s part of international travel has gone down to 11.9 percent from 13.6 percent. Dow mentioned this during a Bloomberg interview. This decrease in US travel is equal to $32 billion, 7.4 million visitors and 100,000 jobs.

Dow believes that the Trump administration is just not getting it. The person on the street does not seem to know that world travel is a job creator.

The travel industry is very anxious about this trade war. China could have a larger travel market than the US in a couple of years. This trade war could affect travel between the two countries.

From the travel industry’s point of view, this trade war is hopefully a short one so travel between China and US can get back to normal.

How Flavio Maluf Began His Journey at Birth to Become President of Eucatex

FlávioMaluf was born on a warm summer day in Brazil on December 2, 1961. It was the day a brilliant business leader was born, and it seemed as if he grabbed his destiny and mastered it at a young age. FlávioMaluf was an over-achieving student since he started school. Brazil was going through a particularly rough political climate and had already dealt with several civil wars, which made his medioric rise through acadamia nothing less than astonishing. FlávioMaluf’s academic success story is one of the greatest in the 20th Century, and it is a shame the entire world is not aware of the odds he overcome to go on to graduate as a mechanical engineer at the FAAP, also known by its proper name as the Armando ÁlvaresPenteado Foundation. From there, FlávioMaluf’s academic success culminated as he studied for his MBA at New York University.

FlávioMaluf’s Success With His Family and Raising Successful Children

Jacqueline de Lourdes Coutinho Torres was the woman who finally made him a husband in 1986 and a father three successful academics just like their father. As the expression goes, the apple does not fall far from the tree. In this case, all three apples fell very close to the tree. His oldest child is 22 and recently graduated with a degree in chemical engineering while attending his studies in London, England. His middle child stayed in Brazil for school at the Armando ÁlvaresPenteado Foundation, and his middle child graduated in business administration. His youngest child is 15, and he wants to be like Flavio Maluf, so he is preparing to go to school in England for engineering. Read more about Flavio at terra.com

FlávioMaluf’s Rise Through Eucatex

Eucatex was already becoming a worldwide hit, and several plants had gone up all over Brazil. The company started in 1951. Manufacturing met the needs of construction, and several other niches came into play including engineering. Who better to take up a job in the company during its wild expansion in 1987 than an engineer with a degree business administration like FlávioMaluf. He made Eucatex richer and more well connected than it had ever been, so he was no longer skating a along several titles. FlávioMaluf became president of the company in 2011, and he has become even more aggressive with making the Eucatex richer and more powerful. Read more: https://pt.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fl%C3%A1vio_Maluf




Adam Milstein Against Vicious Anti-Semitism

Adam Milstein is a successful philanthropist, real estate broker, and pro-Israel activist. Adam and his wife co-founded the Adam Milstein Foundation that donates over $1 million each year to support other organizations that help the Israel and Jewish communities have a better quality of life through better healthcare. He is also an author and has a number of articles on the Jewish News Syndicate publication. One piece in particular, “Unlikely Radical Alliances Fan the Flames of Anti-Semitism Worldwide,” is an article on hate, racism and bigotry against Jews. Radicals practice vicious anti-Semitism against innocent Jews and are attempting to destroy Israel. Adam Milstein is against these efforts as they not only threaten to harm the lives of innocent men, women, and children but also to demolish the historic homeland that belongs to the Jewish people. Milstein gives excellent information on the rising issue of radical anti-Semitism by informing readers that North America and Europe have joined forces further spreading the nightmare across communities. A few examples of the violence are stoning women, killing gays, and disrespecting minority rights and abhor feminism. Radical Muslims and leftists are not likely allies. In fact, Adam Milstein lets us know that the leftists should be in total disgust over the anti-Semitism of the Muslims.

However, the partners agree to disagree because they both share a hate for western influence. They also hate pluralistic nationalism and freedom of speech. Radical Leftists believe that Israel is the reason Muslims are suffering from oppression. They think that Jews are to blame for every global issue. The goal of these groups is to confuse people into following their perverted beliefs. For example, Adam used leftist students at Tufts University to illustrate how the violent trend is spreading. Students created a “Disorientation Guide” that referred to Israel as a “White Supremacist” state. Later one of the writers stated that they are not anti-Semitic because they were Jewish. Being Jewish doesn’t mean that the act is not anti-Semitic. Adam Milstein’s goal is to make individuals aware of the negative impact that they are making on the spread of hate, bigotry, and racism as awareness can bring about positive change.


Dr. Mark Mofid: Taking Gluteal Augmentation To A Higher Level

Dr. Mark Mofid is a board certified, Johns Hopkins University and Harvard University trained plastic surgeon who specializes in gluteal augmentation. Dr. Mofid is also known for his 8 years of intensive research into innovative ways to make the implants used in the procedure safer and yield better results. As a result, Dr. Mark Mofid was able to design a low profile gluteal implant with superior intramuscular positioning and improved ratios that not only looks better, it is safer and more effective than the outdated alternatives that had been used in the industry for decades.

The gluteal augmentation industry is notorious for its doctors willing to give in to their patients’ demands for bigger implants to make them stand out physically even if it means risking their health. Dr. Mofid is known for turning down offers of large sums of money to do gluteal augmentation procedures if he feels they are contrary to medical safety practices. His adherence to the highest level of safety when it comes to gluteal augmentation procedures has earned Dr. Mofid a stellar reputation for putting patient safety above all else. Plus, he gets some of the best outcomes in the industry.

Part of the reason for the outstanding level of success Dr. Mark Mofid has enjoyed is his commitment to research and preparation. Dr. Mofid has an in-depth understanding of the muscle systems, fat and skin involved in gluteal augmentation and is praised for his detailed, innovative approach to the procedure. He has also learned advanced techniques under the tutelage of Brazilian gluteal augmentation specialist Dr. Raul Gonzalez. Considered among the most skilled and experienced cosmetic surgeons in the world when it comes to gluteal augmentations, Dr. Gonzalez has spent an extensive amount of time teaching Dr. Mark Mofid the art and science behind proper gluteal augmentation.

When patients visit Dr. Mark Mofid offices in San Diego and La Jolla, California, they receive the highest standard of medically safe care. Plus, they benefit from Dr. Mofid’s many years of research, training and innovation and will be satisfied with the absolutely phenomenal results he consistently delivers.


Travel Experts Reveal Ideal Time To Visit Walt Disney World

It’s no secret that Walt Disney World is one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations. Recent estimates show that the Magic Kingdom welcomes at least 20 million guests every single year. Of course, that’s not including the millions of tourists who visit Disney World’s three other parks (Epcot, Hollywood Studios, and the Animal Kingdom) as well as the Disney Springs shopping area.

First-time travelers are understandably intimidated while planning their vacation to the House of Mouse. Thankfully, travel experts have just revealed a major tip: book your Disney vacation between January and mid-February.

While there’s never a “dead” time at Disney World, guests will notice that there are fewer crowds to contend with during these two months. Visitors should also notice that it’s far more affordable to book a room at an official Disney hotel during these months.

Another nice thing about visiting during this short off-peak season is that the weather is extremely mild, especially if you’re traveling from a chilly state. Average temps in Orlando between January and February are in the high 60s or low 70s Fahrenheit.

The only thing travel experts say you have to double-check is whether there’s a Disney marathon scheduled during the week you’re booking your Orlando vacation. Disney World usually sponsors one half-marathon early in the year that attracts hundreds of joggers.

If you can’t make January or February work for your schedule, fear not! The second best time to book a trip to Disney World is in the autumn far away from holidays like Halloween or Thanksgiving. While it’s not as good as the January-February timeframe, you’ll find better deals during the fall than the peak summer season.

Foodie Travelers Are Applauding Paris’s First British Brasserie

A new Parisian restaurant has just proven UK food can hold its own against French haut cuisine. After only three months, the British brasserie L’Entente has become one of the hottest restaurants in the City of Lights.

Although head chef & restaurant owner Oliver Woodhead was born in the UK, he has lived and worked in Paris for about 20 years. He told reporters it was extremely difficult overcoming prejudices in the Parisian restaurant industry when he mentioned his idea for a brasserie with an all-English menu. Luckily for Woodhead, his gut instinct was correct: there is a high demand in Paris for great British food.

Chef Woodhead believes the French love L’Entente’s menu because of its rustic simplicity. All of the ingredients used in Woodhead’s kitchen are produced in France (except the cheeses), but the dishes and inspired by his childhood memories growing up in England.

Although this restaurant opened only three months ago, a few favorite dishes have already emerged. Waiters at L’Entente say the top menu item by far is the Shepherd’s Pie. Other comforting items L’Entente chefs cook up every day include Fish Cakes with Sorrel Cream, Jerusalem Artichoke Soup, and the Onglet Steak with Anchovy Butter.

L’Entente is getting a lot more press lately thanks to a few celebrity clients. In addition to Karl Lagerfeld and Suzy Peta Menkes, the former French president François Hollande dined at L’Entente in the past few weeks.

Foodie travelers can find L’Entente at 13 Rue Monsigny, which is close to Musée de l’Opéra and the Quatre-Septembre Métro stop. L’Entente is open every day from 11AM to 12AM and offers a special “all-day brunch” on the weekends, a theatre menu, and, of course, tea time.