Highland Capital Management Is Your Alternative To Investing

Highland Capital Management was founded in 1993, an alternative investment manager, headquartered in Dallas, Texas by Mark Okada, and Jim Dondero. Over the past two decades, Highland Capital Management has evolved towards creating even more revenue when it comes to their assets, building on ways to keep becoming experts in the leveraged market. The firm’s investment platform is so diverse, that not only do they serve institutional investors worldwide, but they also serve investors in retail as well. Utilizing their specialized teams, Highland Capital Management can customize the structure of their specific financial plan, no matter the goal that the client wants to achieve. Learn more about Highland Capital at Crunchbase.

Even though Highland Capital Management is headquartered in Dallas, Texas, they also have offices that they maintain in New York, and other countries around the globe. Their mission is to go above and beyond just investing in the financial markets, their focus is to also to invest in their communities, where the employees reside, having a major impact through their volunteer programs. For over a decade, Highland capital management has donated over $10 million all over the world to various organizations, led by Co-founder and President, Jim Dondero. They have managed to accomplish this by just being an independently owned employee partnership.

The whole approach at Highland Capital is to provide the certain tools needed for your business to see even more revenue, while applying steps needed to be successful in whatever you are investing in. As a graduate from the University of Virginia, Jim Dondero, has over 30 years of personal experience in the markets that he advises investors in, establishing himself as a pioneer in the industry. Read more at bloomberg.com.

At Highland Capital Management, Dondero, comes up with solutions that businesses need to educate themselves, on the proper ways to invest in order to see a consistent profit. Today, Highland capital Management is one of the largest hedge funds in dallas, Texas, and has had the opportunity to partner up with other successful real estate developers, after transitioning into the field. With the same approach that Jim Dondero puts into his charity work, its the same approach that he portrays leading as President.

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