Why Mexico City Is The Place To Go

What comes to mind when you hear the name Mexico City? Is it the pollution, crime, urban development or crowded streets? Look deeper at Mexico City, and you will discover a city brimming with high-quality food, culture, arts entertainment and friendly people. Here are some of the top places to see in Mexico City right now.

If you really want to experience Mexican cuisine, then you should take a guided tour run by people like Rocío Vázquez Landeta. He created a project called Eat Like a Local. It guides people through Mexico City by taking them throughout the city to try the different local cuisines available. Not only will you sample delicious local food, but you will also meet people and discover the Mexican people’s culture through this local food tour.

La Casa Rivas Mercado is a famous and historic Mexican landmark that was built back in the 19th century. This iconic building has been restored and renovated and is now finally open again for tours. Visit this historic landmark and see some great works of art and construction.
If you are into music, dance and want to have a good time then the Salon Los Angeles is the place to go out. The place opened up in 1937 and has not been shut down since opening its doors.

The Luis Barragan House offers a stark contrast to the more classical La Casa Rivas Mercado. Instead of highlighting the best of old-world architecture, this home highlights the best of the modern art movement.