New Study Reveals The Dirtiest Surfaces In Airports And Planes

Before you touch your airport’s self-service check-in kiosk, you might want to wipe it down with an alcohol swab. According to a study just released by the US insurance company, the screens on self-service check-in kiosks are the dirtiest surfaces in most airports.

Researchers involved in this study used standard swab tests on six different surfaces in three of America’s busiest airports. In total, employees gathered data from 18 tests and measured their results in the number of bacteria that formed colonies per square inch (aka CFUs).

So, just how bad is the check-in kiosk? According to the data, an average check-in screen has 250,000 CFUs. The worst check-in kiosk in this survey had well over 1 million CFUs.

The second dirtiest surface in the airport went to the armrests on chairs by various gates. These commonly touched surfaces had an average score of 21,000 CFUs.

Lastly, water fountain buttons came in third place. Researchers say these buttons averaged 19,000 CFUs, which is still significantly less than the touchscreen kiosk.

After completing their studies at the airport, investigators also wanted to see how different surfaces on planes fared. Unsurprisingly, they found that the plane’s bathroom had an average of 95,000 CFUs on the flusher.

Other germy areas on the plane include the tray table and the seat belt buckle. These two surfaces, however, had far fewer bacteria than the toilet button coming in at approximately 11,500 and 1,100 CFUs, respectively.

Just as a point of reference, this report also found that toilet seats in most airports have fewer CFUs than all the more commonly used surfaces listed above. Believe it or not, a toilet seat only has about 170 CFUs on average.

Everyone involved in this research hopes this will encourage anyone going to an airport to bring plenty of hand-sanitizer and to wash their hands thoroughly with soap.

Four Seasons Orlando Will Offer “Extra Magic Hours” At Disney World Parks

The Four Seasons Orlando hotel near Disney’s Magic Kingdom just announced guests will be able to take advantage of Walt Disney World’s “Extra Magic Hours.” These special hours allow tourists to enjoy some private time at Walt Disney World’s four main theme parks: the Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, and Epcot.

“Extra Magic Hours” can either be an hour before the public is allowed inside a park or for one hour after normal tourists are forced to leave. The park that has “Extra Magic Hours” changes every day.

With less people in the parks, guests can easily get on some of the more popular rides without a Fastpass reservation. A few of the most difficult rides to get on in Disney World right now include Animal Kingdom’s Avatar-themed “Flight of Passage” and Hollywood Studios’ “Toy Story Midway Mania.”

These “Extra Magic Hours” used to be exclusive to guests staying at Walt Disney World’s official resorts. In December of last year, however, the seven hotels near the outdoor shopping and dining area Disney Springs announced their guests could take advantage of “Extra Magic Hours.”

Although these seven hotels near Disney Springs are on Walt Disney World property, they aren’t official Disney hotels. Most of these hotels, which include names like Holiday Inn and Best Western, are some of the cheapest on Disney property.

Unlike the Springs area hotels, the Four Seasons Orlando is one of the most luxurious and expensive on Disney property. In addition to being one of the highest reviewed hotels in Orlando, the Four Seasons has one of the best viewing spots for the Magic Kingdom’s nightly fireworks.

Disney Cruise Lines Will Set Sail From Rome In 2019

The Walt Disney Company just announced it will be offering a new Southern European voyage on their Disney Cruise Line in 2019. This latest addition to the Disney Cruise Line list will take guests to some of the most scenic cities in Spain, Italy, and France.

This new tour starts in Civitavecchia, which is a port city in central Italy. Civitavecchia is officially a part of Rome and is located only an hour and a half from Leonardo da Vinci International Airport.

As guests board their magical Disney vessel they will set sail to their first stop: Salerno in Campania, Italy. The next stop is La Spezia, which is a popular city near the touristy Cinque Terre. This concludes the Italian leg of the tour.

After La Spezia, the Disney Cruise will take tourists to two of Southern France’s best cities: Marseilles and Villefranche-sur-Mer. The tour will conclude with a stop in the popular city of Barcelona, Spain.

This tour is the latest offering in Disney Cruise Line’s European catalogue. Other exciting adventures in Europe include trips through northern cities like Stockholm and Belfast.

Americans who don’t feel like taking the trip across the Atlantic could take a new Disney cruise across Alaskan ports like Hubbard Glacier, Juneau, and Tracy Arm Fjord. There are also plenty of Disney Cruise Lines through the Caribbean Islands.

Disney also said it will offer “Short Escapes” in select cities in the near future. These “Short Escapes” will last three-days and include private tours of some of the most popular sites in cities like Copenhagen and Rome.

Disney execs say this new Southern European cruise starting in Rome will be ready to launch on June 14th, 2019.

New Tour Of China And Vietnam Uses The Local Rails

The Thailand-based tourism group Backyard Travel just released a new tour package tailored to help foreigners experience the best of China and Vietnam like locals. To help guests get a more authentic experience of these Asian nations, everyone who books this tour will ride exclusively on public trains.

In total, this tour package lasts 12 days and 11 nights and costs a little less than $3,000 per person. The tour starts in China’s capital Beijing where guests get to visit historic sites the Forbidden City and, of course, the Great Wall.

The second stop on this tour is the central city of Luoyang in China’s Henan Province. A former capital in ancient times, Luoyang is full of impressive temples and is well known for the Buddhist statues in the Longmen Grottoes.

Once tourists have had their fill of Ancient Chinese history they’ll get to experience some of the Middle Kingdom’s natural wonders in the popular tourist city Guilin. This southern city is one of the most visited destinations in all of Asia due to its impressive limestone mountains and beautiful views of the Lijiang River.

After two days basking in Guilin’s wonders, it’s finally time to cross China’s southern border. The first stop on the Vietnam leg of the tour is at Ban Gioc – Detian Falls. Guests will then board a ship and take a voyage through the UNESCO World Heritage Site Hạ Long Bay. Lastly, travelers will get to learn more about Vietnam’s fascinating culture and history in the capital city of Hanoi.

Executives at Backyard Travel say the unique feature about this new planned trip is that travelers will get to ride the same trains as Chinese and Vietnamese citizens. While everything on the tour is carefully planned out, visitors will still experience the thrill of traveling with locals and snapping pictures of the remarkable Asian countryside from their windows.

Organo Gold, The Connoisseur Of Coffee

As per National Coffee Association, following the production of 2009 to 2010, Coffee secured the second best position according to the quantity of consumption just after water, i.e. coffee is the second most widely consumed beverage worldwide. People use it on a daily basis even in any critical economic situation almost in every country. Targeting the truth of the fact, Organo Gold Company came in the market in 2008 with a multilevel selling technique to individual coffee sellers to promote their product. Read more at about Organo Gold.

The founder of Organo Gold is Bernardo Chua who has a vast knowledge of marketing industry. He started Organo Gold with the co-founder Shane Morand, who works as the supervisor of the direct selling platform of the company. This company works with a Scientific Advisory Board whose chief medical consultant is Dr. Irma Prado. Li Ye is the founder of the partner company of Organo Gold, named Xianzhilou Biology Research Centre. Dr. Xiaoyu is the supervisor of the center and chooses the organic ingredients of the coffee.

Organo Gold works on a wholesale basis rather than the retail option, i.e. Company does not sell its product through the retail shops or coffee houses, the distributors individually purchase the product from the company on a wholesale basis and sell the product on their own capability and effort and earn a commission of fifty percent on sales. Organo Gold works using multilevel marketing strategy where the individuals promote and sell the company’s product on a recurring basis. Company shares profit following Organo’s famous “Domino Effect” i.e. the company, the distributors and the sales teams share profit according to this system.


Organo Gold’s mission is to serve a range of healthy bioactive coffee products to the community. So it started to blend Ganoderma Lucidum or reishi, a kind of mushroom into gourmet coffee beans to give it a medicinal touch because the company believes that this herb Ganoderma has the healthy features like antiviral qualities and has a power to control cholesterol, which make this coffee much healthier than the other typical coffee. Other than coffee, the company makes Ganoderma mixed green tea, Ganoderma mixed hot chocolate, Ganoderma-blended latte blend, various Ganoderma supplements and many other healthy products.

Following the business news of multilevel marketing, we came to know that the estimated revenue of Organo Gold Company in 2010 was $35 million worldwide and the top earners of the company in 2010 earned in a range of approximately $3.5 million to $40 million. The company serves its business in United States, Germany, Canada, Philippines, Netherlands, Austria, Peru, and Jamaica. In 2015, the company decided to change its brand name from “Organo Gold” to “Organo” to sell its consumable goods worldwide through its strong network of distributors. Follow Organo Gold on

Big Changes Coming to Hong Kong Disneyland

After announcing its third straight year of financial losses, Hong Kong Disneyland is making some big changes. First up on the agenda is a major remodel of Sleeping Beauty’s castle. The iconic fixture is being transformed from a replica of the original Disneyland’s castle into a much grander version, signifying the massive upgrades that lie ahead for the Chinese park. The new castle will be revealed to guests in 2019 and will pay homage to the most popular Disney princesses while still offering an eclectic mix of different architectural styles.

The biggest overhaul will be in the Tomorrowland section of the park. Fresh off the recent acquisition of both the Marvel and Star Wars franchises, Disney announced a new attraction featuring Ant-Man, S.H.I.E.L.D., and The Wasp. The Star Wars theme is applied to the re-engineered Space Mountain, featuring a Star Wars overlay to complement the storylines. These Tomorrowland attractions are in addition to the immensely popular Iron Man Experience, which opened just last year.

Visitors wanting to stay near the park, now have the option of three on-site hotels. Joining the Disneyland Hotel and Hollywood Disney is the new Explorer’s Lodge. This 7-story resort features decor reflective of the culture and decor of Asia, Oceania, Africa, and South America. As with all Disney parks, the food at Hong Kong Disneyland offers traditional theme park food as well as various local flavors designed to appease more adventurous eaters.

Central Park’s Belvedere Castle Will Be Closed For All Of 2018

Unfortunately, visitors to New York’s Central Park won’t get a chance to visit the iconic Belvedere Castle this year. Members of the Central Park Conservancy have just released a statement saying the famous castle will be closed for restoration work from now until the end of the year.

In addition to routine preservation work, the Central Park Conservancy said they want to improve the castle’s terraces and built a new wooden tower. Construction crews will also work on building a new waterproof drainage system.

The European-inspired Belvedere Castle has a history as long as Central Park itself. Central Park’s co-designer Calvert Vaux actually first dreamt up the designs for this castle in the late 1860s. Vaux’s goal was to create a beautiful building from which guests could get an exceptional panoramic view of the entire park.

The castle sits on Vista Rock in the heart of the park by both the Great Lawn and Turtle Pond. Interestingly, meteorologists used Belvedere Castle in the 1910s before the castle became a tourist draw.

Sadly, many locals trashed Belvedere Castle in the 1960s. The castle was tarnished to such an extent that locals were forced to close it to the public throughout the 70s. Thankfully, the castle re-opened its doors in 1986 and has never looked back since.

While tourists won’t be able to climb up Belvedere Castle this year, there are still plenty of things to see and do in Central Park. Tourism experts recommend taking a gondola ride, visit the Conservatory Garden, and take the kids to the Central Park Zoo.

There’s no official date set for the re-opening of Belvedere Castle as of today.

Atlantis Lands in China

The popular Atlantis Resort family is expanding and opening its doors to customers in China. Atlantis, Sanya Hainan recently opened on 133 square acres on the island of Hainan in the Haitang Bay of the South China Sea. The Chinese Atlantis joins sister properties Atlantis Paradise Island in the Bahamas and Atlantis, The Palm, located in Dubai. The Hainan property will be joined at a later date by a fourth property in Ko Olina on the island of Oahu in Hawaii.

Like its other Atlantis counterparts, the Sanya Hainan property features a variety of family-friendly activities and accommodations. Central to the activity is the signature Aquaventure Waterpark, offering thrilling waterslides and unique encounters with sea lions and dolphins. As the world’s largest open-air aquarium, the distinctive Lost Chambers Aquarium puts guests face to face with over 86,000 marine animals including rays and sharks.

Visitors staying in one of the resorts 1,300 premium guest rooms will have access to the world-class Ahava spa, luxury shopping at The Avenues, and restaurants curated to satiate any appetite. Ossiano Underwater Restaurant and Bar offers floor-to-ceiling views of the Ambassador Lagoon, entertaining guests while they dine on fresh seafood. A variety of other restaurants feature an eclectic mix of food offerings from all over the globe. Atlantis, Sanya provides a variety of accommodations at different price points, including premium underwater guest suites which look directly into the lagoon.

An article about Mighty Fortress Church in Minneapolis.

Mighty Fortress Church was in Minneapolis. It was led by Dr Thomas R. William, who served as the senior pastor in that church with his first lady Sabrina R. Williams. Mighty fortress church was a unique church due to various reasons. It was a place where one deepened his relationship and knowledge with Christ. Christians checked on their Christianity claims in Mighty Fortress Church. Mighty Fortress Church changed lives of people through the practical teaching of the Bible and through praying. They offered relevant modern day living messages and worship services which were authentic. Learn more about Mighty Fortress Church at

Everybody in the Mighty Fortress Church was very significant and contributed something to the body of Christ. It encouraged people to come as they were since the atmosphere created an enjoyable experience for everyone. Mighty Fortress church’s vision was building a ministry which was dynamic multi-dimensional and focused on Christian living victorious and powerful worship. Mighty Fortress church created a friendly-comfortable atmosphere by being sensitive to the needs of others. The services of Mighty Fortress Church provided an encounter with the presence of God and the life-changing message of the Christians.

Christians in Mighty Fortress Church took worship to be very crucial to the encouraging and building each believer on a weekly basis. They focused on what God did through and in their lives. They received His spiritual refreshment, blessings, and inspiration in return for their communal worship to God. Every individual expressed their gratitude to God freely.


A biography of Bishop Thomas William.

Bishop Thomas William acted as an apostle and a prophet. Bishop Williams was active for 30 years in ministry, where he served in the body of Christ in different capacities. Bishop Thomas emphasized on how applicable the treasures of knowledge and wisdom were in God’s word. He believed that the answers to distressing problems in the world such as poverty, sickness, sin, racism, social rebellion, and moral decay were those treasures. Bishop Williams acted as the founder and president of Mighty Fortress International ministries. He proceeded as a bridge-builder, united differences in Body of Christ. Visit Yelp to write a review about Mighty Fortress Church.

The 30 Most Frequently Visited Cities Revealed In New Survey

The market research firm Euromonitor International just released a list of the 30 most visited cities in the world. This firm based its rankings on the number of international tourists who spent at least 24 hours in their chosen city last year.

The Chinese special administrative region of Hong Kong took the top prize this year. Approximately 25 million foreigners passed through Hong Kong last year, and most travel experts believe this city will welcome 31 million foreigners in two year’s time.

Second place went to the Bangkok, Thailand. An impressive 23 million international tourists visited the Thai capital last year, which is a 9.5 percent increase from 2016. Unlike Hong Kong, however, most people who visited Bangkok went for pleasure rather than business.

The third best city on this list is London, England. The historic capital of the UK welcomed almost 20 million tourists last year and hopes to attract 25 million by 2025.

Singapore won the number four prize in this year’s survey with just over 17 million foreign visitors. Much like Hong Kong, Singapore has grown to become one of the Asian leaders in global finance. By 2020, travel experts believe Singapore will welcome at least 20 million foreign visitors.

Rounding out the top five destinations on the globe is Macau, often dubbed “China’s Las Vegas.” A little over 16 million foreign tourists visited Macau in 2017 and Chinese tourist experts believe 28 million will be drawn to this city in 2025.

Counting from number six to ten, here are the other big names in this year’s list: Dubai, Paris, New York City, Shenzhen, and Kuala Lumpur.