Travel Experts Release Their Picks For Top Sites In Porto, Portugal

In the past four years, Portugal’s northern city Porto has claimed the top spot on numerous surveys of the best European vacation destinations. Thanks to the increased media buzz, millions of tourists from around the world have made Porto their go-to city for R&R.

While the influx of new tourists means more money for the city’s travel infrastructure, it also means the streets of this city are getting a tad crowded. Luckily, local travel experts have just released their ultimate guides to getting the most out of Portugal’s second largest city.

For people who want to go the “touristy” route, the first place to do is visit the Baroque Torre dos Clérigos to enjoy a fabulous panoramic view of Porto. Once you’re done here, walk across the impressive Ponte de Dom Luís I, one of the top rated attractions in the city.

As for touristy eats, travel experts recommend visiting the popular Majestic Café at R. Santa Catarina, 112. Here you can order one of Porto’s special egg pastries known as pastel de natas.

Travelers who want to travel off-the-beaten-path can still find many restaurants, hotels, and destinations that haven’t been mobbed with international tourists yet. Below, we’ll take a look at a few hidden gems local experts recommend for discerning visitors to Porto.

Probably the best-kept secret around Porto is the Cantinho das Aromáticas, which is only a 10-minute drive from the center of the city. Located along the picturesque Rio Douro, this organic farm has well over 150 different herbs and flowers on display. Whether you just feel like strolling through this farm’s gardens or volunteering to plant a few flowers yourself, you’re sure to have an exceptional time at this lesser known treasure.