Bali Volcano Causing Havoc for Travelers

There’s nothing quite like an erupting volcano to get in the way of your travel plans, which is what many travelers are noticing now that Mount Aguing has reared its ugly head. This is no ordinary eruption, either. With volcanic ash reaching heights of over 13,000 feet, airlines have good reason to become concerned about the safety of flights going in and out of the region. Because volcanic ash can be catastrophic to planes if it is sucked into the engine, airlines must remain vigilant whenever there is an eruption of this magnitude.

Luckily, some of Bali’s busiest airports are far from the site of the volcano. With Mount Aguing erupting for the second time this week, though, visitors to Bali should definitely be on guard. With experts underlining the severity of the volcano, as well as the likelihood that it may continue to disrupt normal life on the island, those who are thinking about traveling in or out of Bali should definitely double check their travel plans.

Of course, the tourism industry is never pleased when Mother Nature decides to show off her power during these episodes. With losses of up to $100 million, it’s easy to see why most prefer when the volcano stays quiet. However, the unfortunate fact is that Bali does exist within a zone known as the ring of fire, which is known for these types of occurrences.