Vincent Parascandola:

A closer look at Vincent Parascandola

Vincent Parascandola is currently the Senior Vice President of AXA Advisers LLC. Mr. Parascandola has a great deal of responsibilities on a regular basis. Vincent Parascandola is responsible for sales development, management, productivity as well as internal retention.

Vincent Parascandola has over two decades of experience within the financial as well as management industry. He was previously employed by Prudential Insurance Company. Vincent Parascandola was initially hired as an Insurance Agent/ Adviser. However, he quickly worked his way up the corporate ladder. According to, within first six months of employment Parascandola was named “Rookie of the Year”.

Mr. Parascandola also served as President of the Advantage Group. At the time, Vincent Parascandola managed the New York City location of Advantage Group. Vincent Parascandola was always recognized for his strong and effective leadership qualities. Therefore, he received numerous awards throughout career for recognition of management skill.

*Other Achievements/Experience:

Possibly one of Mr. Vincent Parascandola’s biggest achievements is when he received the prestigious GAMA Career Development Award. Vincent Parascandola has spoken at numerous conferences throughout his successful career. At present, Parascandola is always in demand as a public speaker/ educator.

Vincent Parascandola is well experienced in retirement planning, estate planning as well as asset allocation. In addition, he has handled numerous portfolios for several wealthy clients. Wealth management is another area in which Vincent Parascandola is well experienced.

*Education Credentials:

Vincent Parascandola has always placed great importance on higher education. Parascandola received his undergraduate degree in business finance from Pace University. In addition, he also attended Lubin School of Business. Lubin School of Business is part of Pace University. Many students that attend the School of Business prepare to take the CPA Examination.

Parascandola has returned to his former Pace University on numerous occasions to speak at various graduation commencements. At present, Vincent Parascandola is on the Board of Directors at Pace University. Visit Vincent Parascandola ‘s Vimeo channel to learn more.