Woman Leaves Her Life Behind and Travels at 38

Solen Yucel was 38 when she decided to travel the world. She had been working in an industry that many people envy because it’s not only glamorous, but it’s also extremely lucrative. This area of work is advertising.


But Yucel was unhappy. She had just gone through a breakup with her husband, and she believes now that she was suffering from at least a little bit of depression. Suddenly, she had an idea. She wondered what life would be like if she gave up everything that she had once found dear and traveled the world.


Her parents were less than thrilled to say the least. They were wondering what exactly she was getting at when she said that she wanted to travel the world. After all, there’s an awful lot to see in the world. But Yucel was extremely adamant.


She says that in her 20s, she had thought that finding a spouse and fancy career was exactly what she needed, and that is what she strived for as she was growing up. In her 20s, she got exactly what she had wanted. But of course, she wasn’t happy in the end.


In her 30s, she was happy with her career, but she got a divorce from her husband. As she got toward her late 30s, she was promoted, and you would assume that that was a good thing. But was it actually? She said it wasn’t. With more stress than ever, Yucel was ready for a change, and she wanted out of her anxiety-ridden lifestyle. She sold everything, and for the last year, she has been traveling the world. In end end, Yucel claims she learned more in one year than she had in fifteen.


Halloween Celebrations in 13 Different Countries

Many countries celebrate Halloween or a similar holiday to honor the dead.


People in Spain and Mexico celebrate Día de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) on November 1 and 2. They build orfendas (altars) on which they place gifts of tequila or sugar skulls.


The Hungry Ghost Festival in China and Hong Kong is a month-long celebration that takes place in the late summer. People make offerings of food to the dead. They also perform operas and parades.


Halloween is believed to be derived from a Celtic holiday called Samhain that is still celebrated in Ireland and Scotland. The celebrations traditionally include bonfires and fortune-telling.


Haitians celebrate a Voodoo holiday called Fed Gede (Festival of the Ancestors). Celebrants visit their ancestors’ graves and light candles.


Londonderry in Northern Ireland is the site of “Banks of the Foyle,” which is the largest Halloween carnival in Europe.


Chuseok is a three-day long holiday celebrated in South Korea. People visit their hometowns to pay respects to their ancestors and share a traditional feast.


People in the United States didn’t really start celebrating Halloween until the 19th century. Many immigrants from Scotland and Ireland arrived then, and they brought their Halloween traditions with them.


Italians consider All Souls Day (November 1) a religious holiday. People on the island Sardinia, however, carve pumpkins to celebrate Halloween. They call jack o lanterns “Concas de Mortu” (“heads of the dead”).


In Nepal, people celebrate Gai Jatra (Festival of Cows) in the late summer to honor relatives who died that year. Families who lost a loved one join a parade during which they lead a cow to help the deceased reach heaven.


Children in the Philippines participate in Pangangaluluwâ, a version of trick-or-treating in which they sing for their candy.


People in Poland celebrate Zaduszki (All Souls’ Day), during which they place small gifts, lanterns and wreaths on relatives’ graves.


The Japanese celebrate a Buddhist festival called Obon that lasts three days. People visit ancestors’ graves and perform ceremonial dances.


Pchum Ben is a religious festival in Cambodia that lasts 15 days. People feast and ride buffalo in races.



Lip Balm’s Are Perfect For Winter Times

Winter is not too far away now, and this is about the tie when many people start experiencing dry and chapped lips quite often. This is not only a concern for healthy or nice looking lips, but also because cracked and peeling lips are quite painful, which is what happens when chapped lips go untreated. Evolution of Smooth has the perfect solution for the majority of people with their moisturizing and fun lip balm spheres. Their applicator balls sets their product apart not only in looks, but it is also safer and does not leak or melt like many other stick applicators do.

Evolution of Smooth also provides many different fun flavors and scents with their lips balms, all of which are made with quality ingredients and contain vitamins and minerals that promote healing, such as Vitamin A and E. They also use high quality ingredients and oils as a staple, such as coconut oil and Shea butter. Not only this but all EOS products are dermatologist tested and hypoallergenic.

Today, Evolution of Smooth‘s products have gained a massive number of followers from all over, and their lip balms can be found at most retailers around the nation as well as at many online retailers. They provide a variety of lip balms for different purposes, such as their Active Protection Smooth Sphere, which contains SPF protection for those who are active and out in the sun for good potions of the day.

They have other Smooth Spheres types for providing the lips with more shine or suppleness as well. In any case, EOS has a balm to meet the needs of nearly anyone. With regular use, EOS lip balms will not only heal chapped lips, but they will prevent it in the future. For more information, check out the website evolutionofsmooth.com and the company’s Linked In page.

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New App From David Osio And The Davos Real Estate Group

Investing in real estate can be an ideal way to diversify any portfolio. An investment in real estate can pay dividends and allow the investor to properly prepare for retirement. Purchasing a property in the United States requires a full understanding of the market. The United States real estate market is relatively stable, allowing investors to be part of an overall housing market where demand is fairly high. One way to make this process easier is with the help of a new app. Those who are considering investing in real estate in the United States can use this app to consider whether or not a given investment property is right for their specific needs and their overall fiscal viewpoint. With this app, the investor can tap into the skills and knowledge of the Davos Real Estate Group, allowing them to make more informed real estate investment decisions.

The Davos App

The new mobile application has been called the “Davos CAP Calculator.” It is seen by many investors as an innovative tool that will help offer any investor access to the kind of information they need as they go through the process of investing. This app has been specially designed by expert investors at the group. The aim of the calculator is to offer specific criteria such as diversification, the potential for improved levels of long-term performance, the possibility of having protection against any inflation that takes into account the kind of rental income that the buyer can expect to see, and the overall needs of the market at any given time. With their help, it is easy to consider why one property might be better than another property.

David Osio Knows Real Estate

The head of the Davos Real Estate Group is David Osio. Osio has been involved in the real estate business for many years. During this time, he has been an important part of the real estate industry and a useful asset to his clients. He has also been part of many real estate transactions, allowing him to offer the kind of expert advice that can really make a difference for any investor. With his help, his clients have discovered just how easy it is to use their funds to get the right kind of real estate investment, one that will remain a hedge against any potential possible inflation and allow clients to see their funds really grow.

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