ConnectUs Automated Forms by Securus Represent Exceptional Innovation

ConnectUs Automated Forms is a new platform recently launched by Securus Technologies of Texas. Securus Technologies caters to some 1.2 million inmates across the US, each of which average about 13.8 complaints and grievances forms a month. Those inmates wrack up quite a few additional forms on a monthly basis, too; which is why for years Securus has been working on a means of consolidating that information into a digital system that can handle the load. ConnectUs has arrived as a result, and represents a customizable set of digital storage and filing which has basically unlimited potential. It has a bevy of applications whose scope is rather wide, and have enough customization undergirding them that they too are essentially infinite. Inmates can file a form and monitor its progress live, if it’s within their rights to do so. Correctional facilities can meter exactly how much use a prisoner may or may not be privy to. Restrictions and allowances are entirely customizable to the client’s wish, as per Securus‘ intention. Nurses at correctional facilities have already shown an ecstatic response to the new software. Especially on the medical side of things, paperwork can get pretty monstrous.

Securus Technologies have always had a prime focus on ensuring the most cutting-edge options available be developed to suit the needs of their clients. For a small company (between 500 and 1000 employees, according to LinkedIn), Securus has a national impact that could end up being socially positive in more ways than one. If millions can be saved every year on infrastructural paperwork, that money can be allocated to improved rehabilitation programs which release inmates back into society at statistically lowered rates of recidivism. At least, that’s the hope. Time is the only thing that can really tell on such a score; but with ConnectUs Automated Forms, additional budgetary means will definitely be available to correctional facilities in the days to come.


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Madison Street Capital’s Professionals are Ready to Help

Several years ago, Madison Street Capital was created and today they are one of the top performing financial institutions in the United States. During the fourth quarter of the 2015 season, they increased their profits by twenty-seven percent. The hedge fund was low across the US but Madison Street Capital also showed strength in this area. According to, the company is gaining respect across the world and are making waves with both the employees and the customers they serve. Their professionals know how to get the job done, which in turn impacts the customers in a positive manner.

One of the goals of Madison Street Capital is to focus on their customers. They do this through a variety of services, including advising corporations with mergers and acquisitions, capital restructuring, and bankruptcy. Another aspect would be validation of a business or validation of financial reporting. Their knowledgeable staff also help with financial opinions and asset management. Read more:

Some of the customers this boutique bank works alongside include Bond Medial Group, Central Iowa Energy, and Fiber Science, Inc. These are just a few of their customers, which currently include over 100 companies. Majority of these companies are middle market firms. Their goal is to find the perfect match between sellers and buyers. They understand the importance of this for international businesses trying to enter the United States market and are their to help these companies be successful in their transitions. Madison Street Capital’s reputable team are versatile and are read to lead or co-manager many of the transactions that business firms are looking for.

The company is a registered broker-dealer and a financial industry regulatory authority. Their senior professionals include business expert Karl D’Cunha, Jay Rodgers, Barry Peterson, and Reginald McGaugh. The company is located in Chicago, Illinois and can be reached at (312)529-7000

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