Brad Reifler Reveals Sincere Tip to Investors

Investing should always be about making money grow. To the chagrin of some, things do not always work out as desired. Instead, what seemed like good investments turned out to be missteps. Those missteps can prove to be very costly. To aid those wondering how to put their money to proper use in the market, Brad Reifler has written a helpful piece in Reuters.

Brad Reifler is no stranger to the world of investing. Reifler first successful company was Reifler Trading Company, an entity sold to Refco in 2000. Today, Wikipedia tells us Reifler serves as the CEO of Forefront Capital. He assuredly has a lot of knowledge to share about investing.

Reifler has pointed out on Twitter the somewhat troubling fact that dynamic investment options are limited to those whose net worth is under $1 million. Reifler presents this new in a manner that maintains a level of hope for those looking to put their funds in worthwhile vehicles. For one, those with lesser amounts of net worth are protected by being excluded from certain investments. The exclusion keeps people with limited funds from putting money into high-risk investments that could wipe them out if the returns are low. Investors may cease to feel slighted when they learn they dodge a volatile investment.

Reifler stresses the importance of investing safely and carefully. Doing so might not be as glamorous as trying to earn massive amounts of money trading options and currency, but the odds of growing one’s capital increase. Staying away from excess risk, clearly knowing one’s own goals, working with trusted advisors, and avoiding putting 100% of available funds exclusively in the stock market are among the tips Reifler reveals.

As per, Reifler’s formal education comes in the form of degree in economics and political science from Bowdoin College. Professional and personal experiences in life surely contributed to his outlook on investing.  Be sure to keep up to date on Brad at his official website.

Best Hair Product EVER? An Overview of Wen By Chaz

There are a lot of advertisements about Wen By Chaz Dean that are being circulated in the media. Intrigued by the advertisements, I said why not? I gave it a try, and guess what? It is absolutely fantastic!
Before I made the decision to purchase a WEN hair Cleansing Conditioner, I wanted to get some information and review prior to buying it. Wen Cleansing Conditioner, formulated by a Los Angeles stylist, Chaz Dean, is a “5-in-1 formula” made from Glycerin, Chamomile Extract, Wild Cherry Bark, Rosemary Extract, and Panthenol. Wen Cleansing Conditioner’s “5-in-1 formula” will simply your showers as it has all the hair management products that you need in one little bottle as “it takes the place of your shampoo, conditioner, deep conditioner, detangler, and leave-in conditioner.”

Emily McClure, a Fashion and Beauty writer for Bustle, published an article which made its way to the Total Beauty website, regarding her experience with Wen Cleansing Conditioner and was very happy with the product. She said that her hair was shiny, soft, and bouncy. I was convinced, so I put in an order.

I went with the the Hair Care Basic Kit. For $29.95, I received the Cleansing Conditioner, Anti-Frizz Styling Creme, and Nourishing Mousse. I also got a free travel kit along with the purchase.

Personally, I love pomegranate, so naturally, I went with the pomegranate version. I got the products in the mail last month, and I was just amazed. My hair feels amazing, and I don’t think I will ever go back to using any other product. Oh, did I mention that they offer free shipping?

Final Thought

This is a great product, and I have no complaints. I would recommend this to anyone, this is honestly one of the best purchases I’ve made in the recent years. Don’t just take my word for it. Visit Wen’s Youtube channel for additional information:

Impact of Martin Lustgarten on Investment Banking

Throughout his 20 year investment banking career, Martin Lustgarten has learned to predict many things. He can usually tell how the market is going to react to political crisis or stability, the rising and falling of commodity prices and how investors are generally felling about the state of the world.

Martin has developed many contacts that openly share their views with him allowing him to guide his clients in the right direction. His clients are extremely happy with his work because he so openly shares his knowledge gained while operating banks throughout the United States.

One thing that Martin Lustgarten ( cannot predict is when a natural disaster is going to change market conditions. Yet, Martin is the first to state that these events have a large impact on the market. For example, when the twin earthquakes hit Japan on April 16,2016, one of the hardest hit areas was Mashiki, Kumamoto, Japan, one of the largest manufacturing cities in the country. Immediately impacted was the Toyota motorcycle factory that tumbled to the ground. Also, Sony Corporation had to close its nearby sensor and device plant. Nissan temporarily had to shutter its two plants before being able to reopen them after an inspection. One of the hardest hit areas of Japan is the area surrounding Mount Aso that produces most of the milk in the country.

The earthquake that hit Ecuador may have a much larger impact on this emerging market that was already plagued by falling oil prices. The country that relies on exports for 25 percent of its gross domestic product says these exports could be greatly hurt by roads and ports destroyed during the earthquakes.

When a natural disaster strikes an area, one of the first things that a government can do to ensure investments is to repair its infrastructure. Not only does this speed up the movement of needed building supplies but it insures investors that the country has the resources needed for reconstruction. Secondly, governments should help support damaged firms by making investment capital readily available. Research by the World Bank Group and the Global Facility for Disaster Reduction and Recovery (GFDRR) shows that the impact on the gross domestic product in emerging markets can be 20 times higher than those in well established markets.

Andy Wirth’s Comeback

Andy Wirth has been a key stakeholder in the business development around Lake Tahoe area over the last few years. He represents the Squaw Valley, a skiing and resort establishment. The area is popular for its winter weather perfect for winter sports.

Several years past, Andy Wirth ventured into skydiving for fun and loved it. However, the party lasted a short while as a routine dive resulted in a life threatening accident.

A Crunchbase article opined that Andy With landed in a vineyard incurring injuries all over his bod and losing his right arm. He hung on for his dear life and bled extensively, a story he narrates so often.

The accident put him out of his daily activities as he underwent multiple surgeries and an extended recovery period. For nearly three months, he struggled to come to terms with the developments in his life. Doctors fought around the clock to repair his arm without much success.

Nevertheless, WSJ reports that Andy Wirth has found a new lease of life. His recovery and rehabilitation efforts have stepped up thanks to his family and friends. Most notably, his association with the Navy Seals Foundation whose members visit the Squaw Valley has contributed immensely to his progress.

Previously, the two parties had raised over $40,000 to assist injured and retired Navy Seals. Now, Andy Wirth (you can get full details here trains with his new friends for an upcoming Ironman event.

Andy feels the competition will serve him well as he rehabilitates his physical and mental persona. HE has also made a graceful return to his office duties as CEO of the Squaw Valley.

The business community, as well as residents of the Lake Tahoe area, must be relieved to have Andy back in good health. He represents the interests of both parties in public policy and decision-making at the municipal level. Andy possesses an enormous online following on Facebook where he shares updates on his life and the Squaw Valley.

Take This Approach To Achieve Success Through Teamwork

Two heads are better than one, just the same way two people can achieve greater goals as compare to one person. Every person is motivated to achieve something big in life, and it is so easy to find two or more people with similar goals. If this two or more people agree to put their efforts together, they will be able to succeed easily in their goals.

If you have a goal, you will also find it easily achievable if you rally a few people to help you. The road to success is tough and rough, but one thing we surely have is the strength in numbers. But in order to achieve your goals easily as a team player, you have to know how to work with the team. Every individual in a team has their own strengths and weaknesses, and you too are not an exception. So as to work well as a team, every member of the team should support the other member.

As a team, you should as develop good communication channels with one another to ensure that any arising issues are easily addressed. But how do you address the weakness of the other person? You should understand that if you criticize your team member for their weaknesses, then you are placing your success in jeopardy. If you see any faults or flaws in your team member, you should choose to tell them in a nice and appropriate way.

First, your issue should not be packaged not as a complaint but rather a piece of advice. You should also be able to give the team member options through which they can minimize their weakness. You should also play a role in helping the person minimize their weak areas. This way the team member will be motivated to work towards the success of the team. Every team member should also be allowed to share their ideas on how the team can succeed. You will find these ideas are very helpful when it comes to succeeding in your goals.

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Slyce Partners With Shoe Carnival

Image recognition company, Slyce, has launched a new form of their technology in conjunction with footwear retailer Shoe Carnival. The automated 3D visual search app will let mobile phone users snap a picture of footwear in the real world, or even from newspapers,magazines, and flyers. The photo will allow the website to match the product photo with their shoe inventory. The user can then purchase the product from their phone.

Kent Zimmerman, a Shoe Carnival VP, said the company is excited to use visual search as a part of their multi-channel strategy. The company wants to be at the forefront of innovative ways for customers to shop with them. Shoe Carnival has its headquarters in Evansville IN. It is one of the USA’s top footwear retailers.

Slyce CEO Mark Elfonbein says the partnership is a milestone for their company. Their software is being deployed on a large scale by a major retailer. Slyce makes their money from monthly licensing and service fess.

Slyce is a visual search and image recognition company. Their headquarters are in Toronto Canada. Their visual search apps debuted in February 2013. Basically, all of their products are based on mobile phone users being able to snap pictures of products they have an interest in buying. Companies with the Slyce software can read the photos and offer the exact or similar products to the phone user. Then users can purchase desired products directly from their phone.
Slyce has several product variations in the works. One suggests similar products a customer may be interested in buying as they check out a purchase at an online store.

iFunding’s Skelley Continues His Climb in Real Estate

William Skelley, the CEO of iFunding, recently was named as member of the ‘Next Generation of Real Estate Leaders‘ by the weekly television show The Stoler Report: NY’s Business Report.

Skelley is the founder of iFunding, a real estate crowdfunding platform which has grown its business in recent years despite little use of marketing funds.

Because of his accomplishments, Skelley’s name was placed in a small list of other notable rising members in the real estate industry. The ‘Next Generation of Real Estate Leaders’ is an invitation-only association conducted by Michael Stoler, the show’s host and current managing director of Madison Realty Capital. Skelley will be appearing Stoler’s show this spring in an episode focusing on commercial real estate.

CNBC shows that iFunding specializes in crowdfunding, the process of raising capital for a project by using the Internet platform to receive numerous amounts of cash from a large number of people. Unlike usual real estate ventures which requires investor to submit large monetary amounts, iFunding has roughly a $5,000 minimum investment amount. Also, potential investors can make debt or equity investments such as buying bonds for stock shares. This opens the door to a lot more lower-end investors who are looking to get into the real estate market.

Most real estate projects usually range from single-family homes to larger residences to office buildings. Many such project operators are seeking financing within the industry. The company iFunding bridges the gap between operator and investor. The company vets real estate operators to make sure that their investors get intact with ones with proven track records of success and projects that can return a good profit. In return, the investors help turn real estate projects into reality through their financing as operators can reach a wider audience.

Since its inception in 2012, iFunding has helped its investors earn more than $5 million in returns.

Skelley runs the iFunding Twitter, and through that also helped to build a boutique investment bank that underwrote $2 billion for real estate transactions. He was aligned with the hedge fund Rose Park Advisors and served as an advisor to several start-up companies. A former Harvard Business School student, Skelley also previously worked at General Electric and Olympus.

Billionaire Soros Offers Financial Advice

The financial world is similar to a secret society, an exclusive fraternity; not everyone is allowed to enter this arena. But advice of a financial nature, tips, gossip and rumors are eagerly sought out by all investors.

George Soros, philanthropist and financial wizard, has lectured and written extensively on matters economic, political, and financial. In a recent interview by, he offered several tips for all new investors. The first tip seems rather staid and uninteresting, but why argue with a man who made more than $1 billion on a single investment. He said that a new investor needs to find a broker, who thinks along the same lines as the investor, himself. If the investor is cautious and conservative, the broker should be of a similar ilk. Secondly, Soros stated that investments are to be made for the long term. Don’t expect to get rich and move from an apartment to a mansion in a short time. To make investing work you must not be anxious; let your investments work over time. He also offered that the novice investor must keep abreast of, not only, his own investments but of the direction of the overall markets, as well. Read the full article published by PR Newswire:

On the subject of the first of Soros’ tips, regarding the finding of a broker or brokerage that fully represents the client. A new investor might consider Laidlaw & Company, Ltd., located in the United Kingdom with offices in New York. They provide the necessary investment banking and wealth management services that all new investors need to profit in this complex financial arena. Laidlaw offers the complete and complex range of institutional financing services, including the issuance of initial public offerings (IPOs) for those new, growing, private companies wanting to go public in the United States and the United Kingdom.