LimeCrime Evolves With Founder Doe Deere

The LimeCrime cosmetics brand has been one of the top options for enjoying the best in makeup across the world as the Internet allows customers to enjoy the products they wish at an affordable price. The makeup options of the world have often been limited for consumers to the small numbers of cosmetics companies who have been in control of the industry for many decades. Now options are arriving for getting the best cosmetics designs available in recent years as the arrival of new independent producers has grown, the independent producers are headed by LimeCrime founder Doe Deere who has spent the last few years developing her fashion and cosmetics brand.

Doe Deere is influenced by a wide range of cultural ideas that come from her own background that took her from a childhood in Russia to a fashion education in New York. LimeCrime was the idea of Deere after she completed her fashion education and embarked on her own business selling her own clothing range; Deere began to find success using an Online marketplace to sell her own range of clothes, but found problems creating marketing materials for her own fashion range made by the traditional cosmetics brands.

Doe Deere looked to make her own brand of cosmetics that were largely based upon the needs of her marketing materials. The founder of the range decided to create a range of bold colors that reflected her own fashion ideas and the range of clothing products she was looking to create. The success of the cosmetics she made herself led to consumers hoping to buy the range, which resulted in a change of focus to cosmetics from clothing for LimeCrime. By using Online blogs and social media to publicize herself and her brand the LimeCrime company created a buzz that led to success for all involved.

LimeCrime began life as a cosmetics producer that was popular with those looking for strong, bold colors that set out the individual fro the crowd. After finding success Doe Deere and her LimeCrime brand have been evolving to reflect the changes of the founder as she becomes even more successful than ever before. Deere has been working on a new range of cosmetics that are not as bold in color as their predecessors, but still maintain the distinctive LimeCrime style that has made this one of the best loved cosmetics brands of recent years.

How YouTube Creates Online Sensations

Being a celebrity is hard work, whether you’re striving to be a famous actor, singer, make-up artist, and anything in between. Becoming famous took a turn when blogs and social media platforms like YouTube sprung into popularity. By connecting the world and allowing people to share their thoughts, interests, talents and vision by uploading personal videos, YouTube created a new niche of internet fame. People from all over have become internet sensations by sharing techniques on make-up and hair or from creating funny videos that get people rolling on the floor laughing. Most YouTube stars are young and have received recognition from connecting with their fans through comments and filming suggest videos for their followers.

Australian YouTube star Wendy Huang gained her popularity four years ago after starting her own blog. Wengie originally worked at a digital media agency where she told clients they should start and run their own social media and blog pages. Opting to take her own advice she began her beauty blog so she could get an in depth look at the problems her clients faced. Huang had started many blogs before but had never had the dedicated mindset, which is clearly seen in the stunning popularity her blog and beauty channel has gained.

Wengie’s love of make-up and fashion started early in her childhood and with no one to guide her she began reading magazines religiously. In the early stages of internet communities many places had forums for advice which is where she got a lot of tips as a teenager. Wengie states that because of the difference in eye shape than that of models on magazines it was hard to follow their make-up advice, so she began branching out and finding her own way to perfect her look.

Wengie mainly focuses on Asian beauty products and tutorials for women of Asian heritage. With the lack of Asian models in both the American and Australian media, Wengie has taken it upon herself to help fill the gap. Her dedication to helping young women and girls shines through and has made The Wonderful World Of Wengie Australia’s number one Asian Beauty Channel. Her blog has a a multitude of tutorials and also features her YouTube channel. From fashion, to hair, to a virtual tour of her own apartment, Wendy Huang spreads her knowledge and love of fashion and beauty to viewers around the world.

Keeping A Promise

It’s no question that my dog comes before everything else in my life. He has brought me so much love and happiness that I could never turn my back on him. Even if I am completely down and out I will do everything in my power to make sure that my pup is happy and healthy. It is a promise I made when I first got him, and a promise that I continue to keep to this day. This promise was not always easy to keep and I found that my best friend, in his youthful days, was a hyper troublemaker that only cared about anything that peaked his interest. I had no idea what I could do or even what food worked best on Target because he was always turning his nose up at the expensive foods that I bought him. After a while, I realized that he was mich better behaved after he ate and after he played. I researched many dog foods and felt lost with no good results. One night I didn’t have enough cash for the normal super expensive food I bought my dog and ended up getting a bag of Purina beneful from the closest convenience store to my house. It was to my surprise that my pup immediately started chowing down on the food. I attributed this to hunger, but by the next morning when he ate all his Beneful food for a second time without waiting I was convinced. I did some research on Purina and found that they had a long history of providing great nutrition for dogs. I tried their all natural line, and my dog still loved it. It was great to find a brand that satisfied us both. Between giving him plenty of attention along with feeding him a healthy diet I have found my dog has become like fine wine with age. Each year he has continued to improve his temperament for the best. He never seems to get out of control with too much energy, and it’s always a pleasure to keep my promise to my best friend.