Susan McGalla Is Paving the Way for Women Everywhere

Despite the many advances in culture throughout the United States, there are still some circles that think that women are simply not as capable as men when it comes to succeeding in the business world. Of course, this could not be further from the truth. Women have proven for decades that they are equally as capable of succeeding in virtually any field as their male counterparts and this includes finding success in business. With that being said, the business world is dominated by men. This can sometimes make it rather difficult for women to gain a strong foothold when it comes to breaking through the upper echelons of business. Fortunately, there are some unique individuals like Susan McGalla that have managed to do exactly that. This it is an individual that has paved the way for women throughout the business world and she continues to do that while simultaneously helping other business owners understand what is required to experience the ultimate level of success.

Susan McGalla of knew that she wanted to conquer the business world at an early age. She attended Mount Union College, got her degree and she never looked back. Her first job was in marketing and before long, she was essentially running the company. From the late eighties until the mid 1990s, this is where she stayed. Eventually, she decided it was time to spread her wings and see what it would be like to work at one of the most influential companies in America, American Eagle Outfitters. She started working there in 1994, working as a buyer for women’s clothing. During her time at the company, she essentially spearheaded the development of two additional clothing lines and then became the company’s president before she left in 2009. Her entire life, she had dreamed of starting a business of her own where she could work as an executive consultant and she realized that dream in 2009 when she started P3 Executive Consulting.

Since founding her company, she has worked with the likes of the Pittsburgh Steelers as well as a number of other influential organizations. She consults with them on a regular basis on everything from business practices to advertising, with a single goal in mind. She wants to help others find the same levels of success that she herself has found and she works diligently to ensure that they do. She serves on a number of boards, including the same college that she attended years ago. In short, everything that McGalla does is done for the express purpose of furthering her own success or helping others find a similar level of success even when they are facing some extraordinary challenges.

Susan McGalla believes that everyone should have the same opportunities across the board. That is one of the reasons that she makes every effort to level the playing field in the business world. She accomplishes much of this through her own consulting firm and does the rest by proving that it can be done as she leads by example. As a result, she will undoubtedly continue to shape the business world and be an important role model for women that want to achieve similar goals.