Social Media: Brazil’s Greatest Advertising Mean

In Brazil, many companies rely on advertising to really reach their customers. That’s because these companies know that in order for their business to grow and thrive, they have to target new individuals who may not know they exist and what they offer. Thankfully, there are a lot of different advertising means that companies can use in Brazil.

One of the most common ways to advertise in Brazil is through social media. This entails companies registering for various social media accounts on sites like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Tumblr. When companies have social media websites, they can connect directly with their customers. This allows companies to address any questions as well as talk with those who are supporting their cause. Thanks to this, companies can receive feedback right away. Social media lets Brazilian companies learn a lot about their business from an outsider’s view.

After all, today is all about the digital age. Years ago, companies would solely place their advertisements in mediums like the newspaper and magazines. However, the average consumer isn’t looking there anymore. Instead, they are turning to the Internet. Social media is the best of both worlds. Companies can advertise their product, while learning right there on the spot if their advertisements are working or not.

No Brazilian company understands this better than Heads Propaganda. Heads Propaganda is an advertising company headed by Claudio Loureiro that puts a clear focus on the social media movement. This business works hard to gain followers and let customers feel at one with the company they are buying from. Remember, consumers want to feel that their thoughts are being taken into consideration and that they are truly appreciated. It is this attention to social media that has led to Heads Propaganda having very loyal customers who will support them all along the way.

It can be extremely hard to advertise your company nowadays in Brazil. That’s because consumers are fickle. They are constantly changing their minds on what they want and how they want it. With social media, though, companies do not have to worry about guessing what consumers are looking for. Instead, companies can market their product right to their target audience. This way those who will value what they are selling do not have to search around for the product. Social media takes advantage of the digital age and ultimately uses it to help and promote the company.

Ken Griffin Is A Fabulous Investor

Mr. Ken Griffin is a Harvard University graduate of the economics program and the current chief executive officer and sole founder of Citadel, one of the most sizeable investing firms in the USA. It is also one of the most successful firms of its kind. Citadel is considered to be a hedge fund by many financial experts.

Ken Griffin earned one of the best degrees in all of the world in the form of a bachelor’s degree in economics, one of the most difficult business majors. A degree from Harvard can be applied to nearly anything in life and help one grow because it is so great to be able to say that one got a degree from such a college or even say that they just got accepted. Mr. Ken Griffin has donated tons of money to Harvard, with more than one hundred million dollars worth of donations in total.

The University of Chicago has the most qualified economics program in the world. Insidermonkey investor Ken Griffin is a member of the board of trustees of this prestigious University of Chicago. He was appointed to this position only last year, and will serve until 2019. Mr. Ken Griffin is bound to give many great inputs and pieces of information to the University of Chicago.

Mr. Griffin donates money to charities and other organizations quite often. Mr. Griffin has donated to a brand new school named Woodlawn High School with Bill Gates and Melinda Gates helping as well. Being able to operate alongside the wealthiest man in the world and donate large sums of money just like him is truly amazing and all companies should be proud if they accomplish something like this.

Just like the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Mr. Ken Griffin and his wife founded the Kenneth and Anne Griffin Foundation. This great nonprofit organization is meant to be a way to donate money to many companies and organizations who truly need the money.

Mr. Ken Griffin truly loves art and everything about it. He once was part of a luxury auction in which he obtained Curtain, Jug and Fruit Bowl for sixty million dollars. Many other buyers bidded Mr. Griffin all the way up to this sum, but he wanted the piece so badly he did not mind paying the extra amount of money. Mr. Griffin has donated some of the pieces he has purchased in auctions, such as one time giving an approximately $20 million piece of art that was made by and designed by Renzo Piano. The most expensive piece of art that Mr. Ken Griffin has ever purchased with his large reserve of cash is False Start that was bought for around eighty million US dollars. This is one of the largest amounts ever paid for a piece of art.

Susan McGalla: Finding Recognition in Today’s Business Environment

Does the subject of men and women receiving equal pay and equal recognition in the marketplace need to be revisited? While many might say no, certain statistics have been revealed that make the question a necessary topic. While many have considered the playing field to be equal in past years, new numbers reveal that this may not be the case.

When the pay of men and women are compared side-by-side, a definite gap is revealed. The numbers show that women on average receive 14% to 33% less in pay than men do, even if they have the same experience and occupation. In other words, for every dollar a man makes in the workplace, a woman on received about $.75.

While it may be assumed that women have more opportunities in the executive ranks of business, numbers show that that isn’t panning out, either. In a study that shows the CEO of all the businesses in America, it has been revealed that only 1% of those businesses are run by women. When it comes to seatings on corporate boards, only 15% of all the companies in America have a woman seated on their executive boards.

While this is a disturbing trend to be sure, women are taking steps to eradicate the situation. Many women have decided to forgo entering and advancing in corporate situations, and have established business interest of their own. This is a trend that is increasing, and more women are seeking independence and business autonomy. Instead of dealing with the pitfalls associated with executive business, women are making their own ways possible for achievement and advancement.

While these new avenues are being explored by women in earnest, there are many who have stuck it out and reached the high pinnacles of achievement in the business world. These female executives have shown their unique talents and skills and have risen to the top of their professions.

Susan McGalla began her career with clothier Joseph Horn Company as a marketing expert. She quickly excelled at her position, and soon left to become the Chief Merchandising Officer at American Eagle, a well-known clothing line. There she stayed for a number of years, climbing her way up the corporate ranks, until finally she was promoted to CEO of the company. Her experience at American Eagle led her to become the CEO of Wet Seal, a clothing line based out of California specializing in casual wear and beach clothing and accessories.

Bizjournals guru McGalla continued her career working for the National Football League, in the position of Director of Strategic Planning for the Pittsburgh Steelers. Her current position with HFF Inc., a capital venture and real estate development company, allows her to utilize her years of leadership and merchandising know-how to help HFF realize higher levels of opportunity and growth.

While recognition and pay is a sore subject for many in the workplace, a few individuals have realized their dream to become corporate leaders, even though the business climate negated their path. Susan McGalla has utilized her wealth of knowledge and experience over a vast career working for some of the largest corporations in the world, and has made her mark. She is a inspiration to women everywhere who seek positions at the top of the corporate world.

Jaime Garcia Dias: A Giant In Brazilian Literature

Jaime Garcia Dias is a renowned fiction writer in Brazil and the Caribbean. He began writing stories about his family as a boy and has published over 20 books. He is also the president of the Carioca Literature Academy.

Early Life

Jamie Garcia Dias was born in 1970 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. His mother, Garcia Dulce Dias, was an architect and his father, Arnaldo Dias, was a writer. He developed a love of writing from an early age and his father encouraged him and helped him improve his craft.

He went to school at the Arnaldino School in Rio de Janeiro. He was inspired by Brazilian writers, especially Graciliano Ramosand, who wrote “The Devil to Pay in the Backlands” His first book was published when he was fifteen years old. Only three years after becoming a published author, he was hired by the College of Literature (Carioca Literature Academy) in Rio de Janeiro.


In 1993, Dias was given a new position at the Carioca Literature Academy as a teacher of writing and reading. He developed a program aimed at assisting teenagers find jobs and places to study after graduation. This program was very successful and helped raise the graduation rate. In 1997, Dias became the vice president of the Carioca Literature Academy.

Ten years later, Dias became the president of the Carioca Literature Academy. The academy has grown in reputation because of its emphasis on and dedication to literature and Brazilian writers.

While he was teaching at the academy, Dian was writing and had 10 books published by 2001. In 2010, Dias began writing a journal about childhood experiences dedicated to his father. It was called “Wise, the Journal of Brazil” and he published chapters in the Jornal do Brazil.

Awards and Accolades

So far, Jaime Garcia Dias has published over 20 books, a lot of them mentioned on his WordPress blog. He received the White Crane Award in 2001 for his book “Fell from Heaven”. The same book was honored by Josue Gomez at the Latinos Books Meeting in 2003. Dias also received the ABC Award of Brazil Literature Prize.

Kyle Bass’ Terrible Career and Horrid Decisions

Kyle Bass is primarily known for his prediction of the worst financial crisis in the past century, the 2008 recession that had effects reach all over the world. He was able to obtain information about how the biggest banks in the United States of America were giving out loans to people that didn’t make enough money to comfortably pay their mortgages back. Bass bet against these debtors being able to pay their debts to the banks by investing in what is known as credit default swaps. Kyle Bass was able to earn quite a bit of money from this happening. Not everybody has the capability to successfully predict something with the magnitude of this, which proves Bass as one of the premier investors of his time. Unfortunately for Kyle Bass, he has not made many good career decisions with his bright brain that he has.

From 2010 to 2014, writes that Kyle Bass thought that Japan’s economy would undergo a recession. To this day, Japan has not had a recession, and their economy is actually doing fine. Bass really showed his rear end when he went on national television to announce his predictions for these five years in a row.

Bass filed a lawsuit against Acorda Therapeutics because he felt that they charged too much money for Ampyra, their patented drug that was meant to treat people with multiple sclerosis. Companies who develop drugs should have the patent to the medicine because of all the funding they had to obtain for the development of the drug. Bass tried to take that patent away from Acorda, but the courts rightfully ruled against Bass because Bass was doing nothing but trying to defame the company and earn some good money in the process. What is wrong with this man?

Another one of the wrongful things that Kyle Bass has done in his career is backing up General Motors when they produce many vehicles that had to be recalled back to the plant because of defects in tires produced by Firestone. Bass said that people who bought the vehicles were at fault for breaking the vehicles, rather than General Motors for producing the vehicles in the first place. Kyle Bass had investments in the company at the time, so he felt as if he owed the company good words because they had earned him a significant chunk of money.

Kyle Bass could have had a great career, but he has been plagued by a terrible sense of decision making. Bass does have a great business mind, and nobody can deny him that fact, but nobody can deny that he has made plenty of good decisions, because that could not be any more distant from the truth.

An App Stepping Toward the Future: Rover

Forbes magazine recently published an article about new app reinventing itself. The app previously known as Flipora is rebranding itself to be Rover. Flipora was an app the let the user ‘flip’ through magazine pages. This concept is now however outdated in a sense. Rover, similar to its predecessor, is labeled as the “ultimate companion” for uncovering content on the web that is personalized to your own interests. Comparing the app to the NASA’s Mars Rover, the Rover brand and app discovers internet content and delivers them to the user. But the content is based on the users personalized attributes and their own personal interests. There is also a comparison between the Rover app and NASA’s Curiosity in the Forbes article since both explore new territory and new interests. The Rover app is portrayed as an enlightening app that is personalized for the user’s specifications while also allows the user to explore new content that may interest them. The founding company put a lot of thought into the name change of the brand and app. Moving from Flipora to Rover was a step toward the future of the technology. The app moves into the direction of artificial intelligence as the article suggests, instead ‘flipping through the pages of a magazine’. Along with the change in the name, the interface of the app has been update for a more user-friendly minimalist interface. The users have greater control on how to use the app and share what interests them. This app improvement and the move toward the Rover name is a step toward the future.

A Few Facts About WorldEscape

Any visitor in London will have a wide variety of choices to make when looking for accommodation. There are literally hundreds of accommodation spots that are designed to meet needs of a particular market. In London, its hard to find a universally best hotel district but rather, there are different districts that are specifically made for the different visitor preferences and budgets.

Unlike many other cities, London has no areas that can be referred to as ‘downtown’. In fact, districts with the cheapest hotels often have the best access when compared to those who do not. They also have access to some sights that are not with the expensive ones.

The city has five commercial airports as well as ferry and cruise ports that surround it. It also has not less than ten mainline railway terminus that serve different regions in the UK. Funny enough, the most central hotel locations in the city do not have access to a direct transport link to airports and cruise ports.

Room rates in the city are volatile, and many hotels prefer to host business visitors rather than visitors because they cough more money. Hotels with a business bias are more likely to have cheaper rooms at the weekend and not in working days. In the city, the highest rates are between May, June, late September and October as well as early July. During that period, both business and leisure are running full throttle.

London Escape Serviced Apartments are deigned for every visitor’s way of life. The apartments are all about offering a phenomenal stay in the city at an affordable price. The company has a large collection of vacation and apartment rentals that cater for all budgets and sizes. The best thing with the apartments is the fact that they are located across different areas in London which makes it very easy for any visitor to get the desired apartment in any location.

The company is not only confined to hotels and apartments, it also offers the best Boutique Hotels around London. The boutiques are all about offering unique services with rates that are affordable to many. When it comes to hostels, the company has the best. They are all comfortable and are quite fancy because they offer private rooms with affordable prices.

Any visitor looking for London vacation rentals will thank their lucky stars that they found WorldEscape. WorldEscape is an established company that is not new to the booking business and it began even before the internet became a phenomenon. It is therefore well placed to offer places to stay for any visitor regardless of whether they book online or not.

The success of BMG competitive strategy

BMG is a financial institution that is privately owned and controlled by the Pentagna Guimaraes family. The family entered the Brazilian banking industry in the 1930s by establishing the Banco de CreditoPredial S.A. It was later renamed to Banco de Minas Gerais S.A.

BMG is a commercial bank offering a variety of financial products to their clients. For years, BMGs sales strength and professional operations have given it a cutting age in the Brazilian financial sector. The institution was able to create a brand that is a household name in Brazil because of its tradition, ability to tap into modern technology and to understand and move with major market shifts.

BMG concentrated in wholesale and consumer financing as its core business. It took up the largest market share in vehicle financing until the 1980s. After a few years, BMG shifted its focus to providing payroll loans. In 2012, the bank formed a joint venture with ItauUnibanco S.A with the aim of distributing and commercializing payroll loans in Brazil. Currently, the BMG and ItauUnibanco SA are in a unified business offering payroll loans.

The unification strategy in the joint venture seemed to benefit BMG even though it only owns 40% of the total and voting capital stock while ItauUnibanco owns the rest. Some of the advantages that BMG experiences in the joint venture include helping the bank to concentrate on other strategic products, which include financing used vehicles, BMG Express and payroll credit card.

The ability for BMG to stand out in the financial market is attributed to the professional management team that has maintained a high-level corporate governance practices. BMG relies on the board of directors with at least 40% of them being independent members. Under the knowledge and discipline of BMG’s vice president and operation director Marco Alaor, the institution has been able to lure more consumers in Brazil, business entities and investors to their strategic plans.

Marcio Alaor has steered the bank to profitability and sustainable growth successfully despite the presence of intense competition in the Brazilian financial market. Among the adopted strategies that have made BMG remain competitive is tapping into the veteran credit team that utilize technological resources and have an incredible experience to spearhead BMGs values of credit policies.

It is through the director Marcio Alaor and BMG vice president that the bank has been able to diversify its funding and investment practices. BMG core strategy is their intent to ensure that companies and individual consumers can reach their financial goals while at the same time mitigating the institution’s financial risks.

Kevin Seawright: Public Administrator Rising Star

Kevin Seawright is a demonstrative and experienced public servant with the ideal combination of public and private sector experience, with His accounting background has served him well as the current CFO of the Newark Community Economic Development Corporation. In addition to his extensive expertise in the community finance sector, Mr. Seawright has a refined history in retaining human capital for organizational improvement.

Mr. Seawright has climbed throughout the ranks of finance and most recently completed the Executive Leadership Program at Notre Dame to accentuate a career of cross-platform management. One of the hallmarks of Mr. Seawright’s repertoire is the integration of revolutionary technological to streamline accounting processes, and has a track record of doing this throughout the entire mid-Atlantic region.

And his results speak for themselves. Kevin consistently meets or exceed outcomes based on organizational goals, allowing him to climb the corporate ladder on the wave of his knack for team inclusion and acumen.Since organizational management proficiency includes proper negotiations, redundancy and bargaining with large groups, Mr. Seawright has over 13 years of experience in the field. Now in his new position, Kevin Seawright has the opportunity to help grow the community as a whole, from housing improvements and working in conjunction with the Chamber of Commerce to bring new and viable businesses to the locale.

Some of the Best Business Leaders in Chicago

When it comes to business leaders, it’s all about the top cities in the whole country. Chicago is one of the top areas for business leaders of all kinds and in all different fields. Because of the best business leaders in this particular city, you might be wondering what makes a great leader and what types of skills a person might need if this is something they would like to get into themselves. Business leadership requires some of the best skills out there just because it helps you to make your way to the top of the field that you are in.

One of the main skills for all business leaders is going to be their education as well as their pull in a particular field that they happen to be in. The education is a major factor for those in their field, and this is why it is so vital for anyone who wants to become a leader to go to school and get educated in the specific field of their dreams. This allows you to be fully prepared for the field that you are going to be getting into for your own benefit. Be sure to make this a prime skill that you have when it comes to getting into a career of your choice.

One of the top business leaders in Chicago happens to be Majeed Ekbal because of the fact that he has a long standing in the marketing industry. The fact that Majeed Ekbal has been working in this field for quite some time and has helped a variety of people to realize their potential makes him one of the top executives and leaders in the country. Majeed Ekbal works in Chicago and has a firm there that enables him to provide these services to both companies and individuals alike. For anyone who wants to become a leader themselves, Majeed Ekbal is a prime example of how you may want to be and the skills that you might need to make this a complete reality for you and your future career.

Being a leader in the business world isn’t always easy and it takes a lot of work, education and drive to get things going. The most important thing to remember is that there are many opportunities available to you to make your life easier when it comes to actually getting what you need and making sure that you are a top in the field you are choosing to get into. Majeed Ekbal is a great example of those individuals who are leaders in their field and have done the job to rise to the top in order to make this a reality in their own lives.